By Elena H. Ghazale / Executive Coach

The famous Japanese writer Masaru Emoto did an experiment in which he froze water particles in different places and under different circumstances.

Some particles were labelled with kind words and exposed to some pleasant music, some others received the opposite treatment. In spite of the fact that this is pseudoscience, the result was extraordinary, and here I show it for you to judge it:

Now I am asking you… if this happens with water, what do you think it happens to us anytime we say or hear these words?

Since I know you got an idea of the result, it is extremely important that you turn up the volume from now on and give full attention to what you tell yourself every time something does not come about the way you or others wished to.

Here I give you some typical examples. I am sure you’ll identify yourself with at least a few of them.

Ex: I’m not cut out for this or that!
I need more information to do this or that better.
Ex: What an idiot I am!
I need to pay more attention next time.
Ex: I hate you!
I need my space (change the focus towards something positive).
Ex: My life’s a s**t!
I find myself in a point of my life where I could start from zero again.

Our way of communication is not perfect, but little by little we are getting aware of it. Therefore, we have to start changing what’s really concerning us and that sometimes we do not even know why.

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