Who am i?

by Elena H. Ghazale / Executive Coach

Welcome to September! This month comes full of emotions. Autumn is almost here and by then many people will start planning lots of changes.

In the last months I’ve been receiving plenty of messages from people who felt sad, stuck, subdued, listless, aimless and especially uncertain about what to do with their lives. It happens to me as well and in that moment, I do this exercise, that reminds me who I am.

It’s very easy, start by asking yourself: who am I? And then take a blank page and write down what makes you yourself (between 30 and 40 qualities). Remember that not all your qualities are “good”.
I.e.: enthusiastic, hard worker, friendly, empathetic, obsessive, someone who doesn’t let go, sensual, adventurous, daring, variable, intense, etc… (The more characteristics you write, the better it is).
Do you already have your list? Now imagine that with this new list of self-knowledge you will go on a trip.
Wilson, the Gremlin, is addicted to self-improvement and will go on the trip with you. During the journey, you’ll have to cross 3 bridges. Before doing so, Wilson will ask you to give him 30% of your characteristics. At the end of your trip, you’re going to be left with just 10% of your initial qualities. So, I wonder: what are they going to be?

Bridge nr. 1: to cross it, Wilson the Gremlin asks you to give him 30% of what you are. What is the percentage you’d get rid of? What are the qualities you’d give him first?
Now imagine you’re getting closer to Bridge nr. 2 and again, for you to cross it and not to be devoured by Wilson the Gremlin, you’re asked to give him another 30% of your qualities. Do you already know which ones you’ll leave?
Bridge nr. 3: this is the moment for a final look at your list of qualities. What is the last 30% of your qualities that you’ll give Wilson?
Think carefully, since this means that the remaining 10% will be your qualities for the rest of your life. What is extremely important for you? What is the essence of your being that you HAVE TO KEEP? Are you really boosting that 10%?

I hope this exercise helps you as it does with me. For any doubt or question, do not hesitate to contact me at info@trans-coaching.com. Start living a fuller life now!