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We cannot deny that tourism in Fuerteventura is growing and growing. With this it encourages the growth of the business market and more and more companies are competing within the same business sector. So how can we make a difference, stand out and get customers? By the use of an efficient business plan, a professional web page, a convincing corporate design and with proper marketing.

In order to offer their services to companies such as these, Webandsun has arrived. A new creative agency with headquarters in Corralejo, made up by a group of international professionals all related to different fields of design, web programming and marketing. So we decided to have a chat with these experts:

What is Webandsun?
Webandsun is a creative agency of web design, graphic design, apps, social media strategy and everything else related to marketing, seeking to provide a service to all kind of companies. We study every case to meet the needs of every company.

What kind of companies are interested in this agency?
Every company that needs a service related to web pages and /or design.
We work with big companies to which we propose general plans offering a wide range of services: web design, online shops, improving your Google ranking, marketing campaigns etc. But we also work with smaller companies which have their own specific needs.
If the company already has a website we analyse it and offer the possibility to improve some aspects we might consider essential for it to run smoothly. We make those changes or if the company has a webmaster we can provide a checklist with all the points that could be improved. We also design any kind of graphic items and give support when it comes to printing, since we collaborate with other companies in Fuerteventura to provide a good service at competitive prices.

Is it important for companies to take care of their website from a technical point of view, the graphic design and the web ranking?
Yes, it’s very important, mainly because there is increasing competition. It is essential to have an updated web page to show the customer why to use their services. Also one which Google considers correct as the greatest percentage of net sales will belong to the companies that are ranked within the first few positions in a search.
Just in Fuerteventura alone there is competition to find customers, so to get them you need to rank highly on the search, in many cases it’s even necessary to advertise on Google or other platforms. This is alongside of having proper social media strategy and a modern and competitive design. We offer all of these services at Webandsun.

How can you get to rank highly on Google?
By taking care of the website, creating contents in a blog or social networks and with other strategies that require a previous analysis of the market and of the competitors. It’s a task that takes persistence and knowledge, for this reason in our agency we have professionals with experience in all the fields of web design and marketing.

What other services do you provide in webandsun?
We offer hosting services to host the website through our servers in Switzerland. We also programme applications since nowadays mobile devices are more in use than computers. Webandsun’s plan for the future is to offer outsourcing solutions for companies by providing a multilingual customer service centre right from our office.

Do not hesitate to make your appointment with Webandsun and to apply for a quote to meet your business needs.

+34 615 055 555 | info@webandsun.es | webandsun.es/es

Webandsun Fuerteventura | Macaronesia Fuerteventura

Webandsun Fuerteventura | Macaronesia Fuerteventura