Vaca Azul Resturant

    Vaca Azul Restaurant | Macaronesia Fuerteventura

    With top quality products, a friendly and welcoming staff, and amazing views over El Cotillo’s small harbour, it comes as no surprise that Vaca Azul is one of the most popular restaurants in the north of Fuerteventura.

    The restaurant is well appreciated by both local people and tourists for its superb location right in front of the ocean, to which Vaca Azul retains its links through a menu that emphasizes local and regional products: fresh seafood from El Cotillo in all kinds of ways – often raw and plated with an elegant touch –, octopus, majorero cheese, delicious salads, and more. Staff is also worth mentioning for their kindness – they make guests feel like home. You will be in for a treat and longing to return!

    Location: El Cotillo, municipality of La Oliva.
    Calle REQUENA, 9. 
    Bookings: 928 538 685. Opening hours: 12-00h-22h.

    Vaca Azul Restaurant | Macaronesia FuerteventuraVaca Azul Restaurant | Macaronesia FuerteventuraVaca Azul Restaurant | Macaronesia FuerteventuraLa Vaca Azul Resturant, El Cotillo | Macaronesia Fuerteventura