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At the beginning of this month, a Health and Fitness centre opened in Corralejo, focused on health care: Palmer’s Health and Fitness.

Its creator is a graduate in Physical activity and Sports Sciences, master degree in teaching, and many of you will know him because he has been teaching pilates to the neighbours of Fuerteventura for over five years: José Palmer. We talked to him to know, in more detail, those innovative activities he proposes.

What is Palmer´s Health and Fitness?
It’s a Health and Fitness centre where we propose, mainly, two kinds of activities: functional training and pilates, for which we have two well differentiated and conditioned rooms.

Tell us about the functional training
It’s an alternative to the traditional gym training, where you work, almost fully, with your body and your own weight. Functional training tries to get the optimum performance of your muscles through the creation and reproduction of exercises with suspension training (TRX), ropes…with this kind of training it’s very difficult to get hurt, because all the motor abilities are trained: balance, coordination, flexibility, agility, strength, capability, resilience, etc.

As for pilates, which kinds of pilates are there and for whom are they intended?
Pilates is one of my favourite activities. Inner muscles are trained and our body flexibility increases, apart from helping us to relax and enhance the concentration. Based on this I have established three kinds of pilates, aimed for three different sectors, so that everybody can practise it:
• Baby Pilates: exclusive in our centre, practised by mothers and their babies, from 2 to 10/12 months old. It’s a wonderful activity in which a marvellous complicity between mother and baby is developed. The body suffers a big change what with the pregnancy and childbirth, and with this kind of pilates we focus on recovery, mainly training the core, the area which comprises the lumbar spine and the abdominal. This area must be toned to enjoy a healthy body.
• Health Pilates: more focused on stretching. This is ideal for people who are recovering from injuries, or with chronic injuries, but also for pregnant women, elderly people or people with a reduced physical activity who want to become fit little by little and with high levels of well being.
• Fitness Pilates: harder and more orientated to people who want to mould and tone their bodies, and also to people who want to compensate and/or improve performance in sport, as it is perfect as a complement to sports like surf, cycling, running…

What other activities do we find in Palmer´s Health & Fitness?:
On Saturdays morning we have lessons just for children: we manage to make children, between 4 and 12, do sports without even realising, by means of games. That way we foster one of the healthiest habits in the human being: sports.
We also make tailored training plans and routines, to be done wherever and whenever you like. They’re for those athletes that don’t like going to the gym but want to improve performance in their sport or daily activity, under the control of a professional. Of course we also offer a Personal Trainer Service in this very centre. Another service we offer is the sports massage orientated to prevention, to relax the muscle…

And what is the Health Coach Service?
Health is a matter of habits; this is why, in our centre, we help you acquire those habits through practice: postural and sports habits or dietary advice. We advise, guide and support every person in their way to get them. Sports are a key for physical and mental health. When you do sports you release endorphins, which transmit us a feeling of well being, and the fact of acquiring them as habit helps us reach happiness.

C/ Bajo Del Mejillón Nº4. Corralejo (where the Post Office used to be formerly)
928 536 007 • 625106726
Facebook: Palmer’s Health & Fitness

Palmer´s Health and Fitness | Macaronesia Fuerteventura