A few days ago I read something in a photo on Facebook: «if you focus on the positive things you’ll live positively, but if you focus on crappy things… well… you already know where you’ll live if you focus on that» and it made me laugh because it made me think about my years at university. Back then, I used to move around with a scooter and have the tendency to go over all the potholes of the streets. I spent years saying: «I can’t believe it! How on Earth does this happen if I ALWAYS look down to avoid potholes!»

By Elena H. Ghazale / Executive Coach

Henry Ford said it many years ago, even though in a different way: «Whether you think you can do a thing or think you can’t, you’re always right».
Oscar Wilde also said: «Be careful what you wish for, you may receive it».
Many other people along the history have been trying to explain one of the most powerful universal laws: «The Law of Attraction».
In the last article, we talked about how our physiology affects our mood; in this article I will stress the IMPORTANCE of having a clear and strong focus in order to achieve everything you wish, and not the opposite. Our minds often get led astray and start to focus on the negative, the drama, the problems or on any other aspect that hurts us.
If this is your case, do not worry about it, many of us feel it, too!
The good news is that, if we wish, we can learn to focus our attention on the positive things that help us and bring prosperity. This is nothing magical, it is an evidence-based logic.
Shall we put it to the test? Now think and answer these questions on a notebook:

a) WHAT DO YOU WANT? What is it that you REALLY WANT to achieve? Describe it in detail.
b) Make a list of all the things you give attention to during your day: For example: listening to music (30’), watching reality television (1hr30’), movies (2hrs), chatting with friends in a bar (2hrs), reading books (30’), working (8hrs), studying (2hrs), etc. Everything you give attention to, with its quantified time.
c) How many of all the things you focus on are bringing you closer to what you REALLY want? If you wished to focus on the positive and pleasant things that bring you closer to what you really want, what should you be focusing on? And to make room for it, what should you dismiss from your daily routine?

Do you see where this exercise leads to?
I was going over all the potholes simply because that was the only thing I was focusing on. I was almost obsessed with it. And then one day, a boyfriend I had told me: «Hey girl, why don’t you try and look at where you want to go, rather than at the potholes?»
If you want to know where your focus is, you just have to see the situation you are in, and if the result you are getting is not the desired, try to change your focus.


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