MICROROCK, a really charming remodelling

MicroRock reformas Fuerteventura | Macaronesia

If you are thinking of refurbishing your home or premises, we inform about a new company that has been set up in Fuerteventura: Microrock, dedicated to general remodelling that stands out because, apart from its offers in plasterboard, painting and brickworks… it incorporates its offer of works with a booming material: smooth finish mortar, more and more used in building and decoration because of its quality and results.

We have talked to Federico Sanna, manager of Microrock, and a true expert on remodelling and decoration, as his vocation runs in the family, a family of artisans devoted to this world.
Macaronesia: What is smooth finish mortar?
Federico: It’s a coating made of a high performance cement base mixed with polymers, fibres, ultra-thin sand and gravel and accelerants. All this is combined with colouring pigments, so the range of colours is very wide.

Macaronesia:Which uses does it have?
Federico: Smooth finish mortar is extremely adherent to any kind of surface and it also meets the  needs of every project, with original, modern and quality results. It’s ideal to cover surfaces, among others concrete, cement, tiles, slabs, plaster, plaster board, metal, plastic, stoneware, marble, and many more….
The application of this material ranges from floors to walls, living rooms, swimming pools, bath-rooms, kitchens and  furniture. It’s a booming product because of its versatility, texture, finish and ability to combine wood and metal among other materials, and it allows getting really creative results following the imagination of the decorator, architect or a particular home owner.
Something which is very trendy nowadays with smooth finish mortar is tailored kitchen and bathroom furniture as well as flooring: the results are great regarding decoration, and it’s very practical.
Macaronesia: Which other works do you carry out in Microrock?
Federico: we perform general remodelling, we very often work with plasterboard, making tailored furniture and sound insulation —thermal-acoustic insulation— we take care of the brickwork and we also carry out any kind of painting works.
Macaronesia: Although Microrock is a new company, you have been devoted to this for a long time, haven’t you?
Federico: Yes, I’ve been working on remodelling for over 20 years in Fuerteventura and Lanzarote. As you said before, it runs in the family, I like working with my hands like a craftsman, and above all with materials like smooth finish mortar, plasterboard…

So, you know, for a simple or complex remodelling, or to make the tailored furniture for your dream bath-room or kitchen, Microrock is your answer. You can contact them via mail or telephone for further information and budgets.
Though the head office is in Fuerteventura, Microrock also operates in Lanzarote.

+34 628 004 115 / microrock88@outlook.es / www.microcementofuerteventura.es