Medicina Sin Fármacos by Stephane Blanc

    Medicina Sin Fármacos by Stephane Blanc | Macaronesia Fuerteventura

    9 professionals educated in different disciplines concerning health are cooperating in Medicina sin Fármacos (Medicine without drugs), a project by Stephane Blanc that suggests a new health system with the aim of improving people’s lives, physically and mentally.

    It’s a prevention system in matters of health, a project that starts in Fuerteventura and with which they teach you the best way to have a healthy life without taking too much of your daily time, so that it becomes easier to take care of yourself.
    Medicina sin Fármacos also aims at identifying the problems that cause our pains in order to solve them from their root: «by studying the body and its physiology, anatomy and process, we identify future problems and we prevent illnesses, boosting people’s capacities and optimizing their efficiency».
    The 9-professional team covers the different disciplines everybody has to work on in order to have a better and healthier life. Thanks to their education in NIS, osteopathy, nutrition, psychology, coaching, yoga, mindfulness and sports, the professionals help you improve your energy level, your vitality and health exponentially. Moreover, they are experts in alleviating headaches (migraines and cephaleas), bone and muscle pains, digestive disorders…
    Medicina sin Fármacos proposes a complete three-month lasting programme where you work on all of the disciplines which are essential to this physical and mental improvement, but you can also turn to them to solve isolated problems and pains, or to improve in some of the fields they work in.

    Who are the professionals involved in Medicina sin Fármacos?

    The team of Medicina sin Fármacos is made up of 9 professionals, and each one is specialised in a different area with the only aim of taking care of you and improve your health.
    — Stephane Blanc. Osteopathy / Kinesiology / NIS (Neurological Integration System) / Coach / Nutritionist / Personal trainer.
    — Melanie. Nutrition and pharmacy.
    — Laila Belayachy. Psychology.
    — Anthony Pinard. Coach.
    — Lorelei Moynot. Physiotherapy.
    — Ana Jeraj. Physiotherapy.
    — Amelie Wolf. Yoga.
    — Gerardo Vandulken. Chi Qung
    — Devora Morera. Personal Training

    Enjoying good health depends on many factors: on the one hand, there’s the genetic pool, which usually cannot be modified, and on the other hand there are other factors to be treated and considered, risk factors that can be avoided by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

    How can I look after my health?

    It is about combining a series of factors, among them a good and balanced diet, good hygiene habits, regular physical exercise, mental balance through mindfulness, yoga and coaching techniques… it all helps us improve our health and create a good environment around us, fostering healthy personal relationships. By caring about these factors we avoid illnesses that can reduce the patients’ capacities. For example, according to experts «80% of the cardiovascular diseases (arterial hypertension, cholesterol, diabetes…) and a third of cancers can be prevented by healthy habits».

    Corralejo – C/ Victor Grau Bassas. Hotel Corralejo Beach
    Madrid – C/ Apolonio Morales 21C | 697 597 736
    Facebook: @medicinasinfarmacos | Instagram: @medicina_sin_farmacos

    Medicina Sin Fármacos by Stephane Blanc | Macaronesia Fuerteventura