Fuertecoin, first digital coin in Canarias

FuerteCoin, moneda digital | Macaronesia Fuerteventura

New digital currency in Fuerteventura, FuerteCoin, supporting local economy and innovation

A team of entrepreneurs – blockchain, financial, marketing and social development experts – have joined their forces in Fuerteventura to launch the first digital coin and the new payment system in The Canary Islands.

Surely you have heard of FuerteCoin; it’s a digital currency created to support and connect local businesses in Fuerteventura. Apart from the fact that digital money offers a new method of payment, FuerteCoin aims to become a Collaborative Sustainable Project. Using the new technology, they want to have a positive impact on Fuerteventura, starting multiple social and environmental initiatives.

FuerteCoin proposes a unique way to link businesses, local people and travellers. By using their application for smartphones you can pay for products and services in a comfortable and safe way. As FuerteCoins can only be spent in Fuerteventura, this ensures that more money stays on the island, helping the whole economy grow. The value is set to 10€ when officially launched on 1st April, but the customers who want to support the project, can purchase FuerteCoins much cheaper now.

After 1st April, you can spend FuerteCoins buying local products and services from the businesses that already have joined: «until now they have over 40 businesses, just in the north of the island, and the list keeps growing every day» – FuerteCoin Team says.

Local businesses and individuals who joined the project can also resell their coins to visitors or simply keep them as a long-term investment. Moreover, all the businesses accepting FuerteCoins will be clearly marked on the FuerteCoin map and will have their logos and links displayed in the partner’s section of their website, thus creating more visibility for their businesses.

There will also be a Virtual Marketplace where vendors can sell their products and services. FuerteCoin users will have a chance to sell their used items via auctions, offer accommodation, appointments for their services, and even ship their products abroad to other FuerteCoin users around the world. The Virtual Marketplace will be used as a meeting point among users who want to implement actions of collaborative economy like car sharing.

Every local business joining FuerteCoin before its official launching day will receive 10 FuerteCoins valued at 100€ from 1st April, in gratitude for believing in and supporting their Project.

Moreover, FuerteCoin presents a long-term investment opportunity: its value will increase by 1€ every three months, which will also help to fight the inflation. For each FuerteCoin saved, the residents’ purchasing power will rise, and the visitors who return to Fuerteventura every year will have 4 more euros to spend on the island. This will also create an incentive to make FuerteCoins exchanges easier among individuals.

It seems that FuerteCoin Project has a lot to contribute to Fuerteventura….
For further information you can visit their page
www.FuerteCoin.com or follow them on their Social Media.

FuerteCoin, moneda digital | Macaronesia Fuerteventura