Welcome to this new issue, welcome to this new year 2020.

by Elena H. Ghazale / Executive Coach

What if we get the new year off to a good start?
I once read that standing still was not real. Standing still simply meant ignoring the big elephant in the room. And why do we ignore it? Because when we decide to look at it, we are faced with the shame, the difficulty and the pain of the loss, the fear of losing that ?false? security. Standing still means resisting changes and our natural ability to adapt to them. When change knocks at your door? open it and listen, like this you may accept it; don?t be that kind of person who lives their whole life without daring to look. As I always say? ?Fortune favours the bold?.

Ask yourself sincerely: how do you assimilate a change in your life? Do you resist it or adapt to it? Do you criticize it in a negative or positive way? Do you focus on what you left behind or on what?s about to happen? Ask yourself? what do you fear? What?s the worst thing that can happen to you? And the best one?
It is clear that changes are inevitable and constant. I would even say they are like a vital sign, we need them as much as breathing, even if sometimes we forget about it.

Well then? If change is so important in our lives? Why do we ALWAYS resist it?
We resist it because we limit ourselves mentally, especially right before taking the first step. Our mental limits hide behind excuses and stories we constantly tell ourselves: I cannot because?, it is not the right moment?, it is not for me?, I am not prepared enough?
You start telling yourself and others a series of stories that end up turning into reality. In psychology, this is known as ?the self-fulfilling prophecy?: I talk about that so many times, I believe in it so much that at the end I act and behave so that what I keep preaching turns into reality.

Do you understand now why you are still in the same place? Do you want to change your story? In this first issue of 2020, I invite you to start this year by telling us about your new story, the one you want to live: not the one you are living, but your bright future, your perfect year; a positive story focused on what you really want to achieve, not on the reasons why it is not going to happen. I don?t either want you to find excuses to justify your cowardness and your lack of decisiveness. So, if just like me, you also want this 2020 to be extraordinary, start writing your new story right now. Plus, if you are a brave one, share it with me at info@trans-coaching.com. I promise I?ll read them all, and the most inspiring stories will win a digital copy of my book ?Una Cita Contigo?, so that you can plan and carry out your own fascinating 2020. Love, Elena.

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