Vacaciones en Paz 2019

Opened the application deadline for Saharan children reception in July and August, Vacaciones en Paz 2019

For 18 years, as summer approaches, the programme Vacaciones en Paz is set in motion in Fuerteventura; it?s promoted by ?Asociaci?n Canaria de la Amistad con el pueblo Saharaui? and the aim is to improve substantially the life of Saharan children.


It?s all about families living in Fuerteventura taking in, temporarily, girls and boys coming from Saharan refugee camps in Tindout (Argelia), where about 250000 people survive thanks, almost exclusively, to humanitarian help.


Broadly speaking, the programme Vacaciones en Paz aims to find out the main needs of these minors during their two months of stay in Fuerteventura.
On the one hand, the aim of the project is to give these children the chance to improve their health through food and medical check-ups during their stay in our island. The Canary Island Health Service and professionals of private medicine cooperate with the Association offering assistance to these minors to control their health condition.
Moreover, these children are given the chance to have another view of the world, different from the reality they live in the desert.
On the other hand, the aim is to keep them away from, at least for two months, their refugee camps, where they live in really hard conditions, with scarce resources, food and water. The Summer there is really boiling, reaching the 50? C; this is why July and August are the chosen months for the fostering.
With this project they also aim to make the Canary Island population aware of the situation of the Saharan people and create emotional ties between the two families.


The deadline to sign up as a foster family is already open and several briefings will be taking place to explain in detail how it works and how to join the project. Get informed in: | 693 942 839

?We fostered for the first time in the Summer of 2017 and we repeated the experience in 2018. In the beginning it was a bit hard because we didn?t know if we were doing it well, but after the first weeks everything went better and better. It?s a wonderful and enriching experience, it allows us to get to know another culture, gastronomy and dialect. We felt useful for taking part of this project, teaching our children that if we?re really willing to get involved and help as much as we can, we can really do it. Vacaciones en Paz teaches us to become better persons and we encourage other families to foster because it?s a unique experience?.
Dina Carmona

?My experience with this programme has been amazing; we have the love of that girl, that light in the desert who is expecting to meet us again. The only negative point is that families living in such subhuman situations still remain in this century?.
Mar?a de Vera

Vacaciones en Paz 2019 | Macaronesia FuerteventuraVacaciones en Paz 2019 | Macaronesia FuerteventuraVacaciones en Paz 2019 | Macaronesia Fuerteventura

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