Tuna Tartar with Avocado Cream and Wasabi Maionesse

RECIPE BY ISRAEL FRANCO ZUBIAGA, kitchen manager in La Bodeguita de Corralejo

INGREDIENTS (4 people):
• 300g. Fresh tuna
• 2 shallots (bronoise)
• 40 ml soy drink
• 15 ml sesame oil
• 1 lime grating
• Undaria
• Sesame seeds
• 100 g avocado cream*
• 40 g wasabi maionesse*
• Wakame salad

• 1 ripe avocado
• 1 lime
• Extra virgin olive oil
• Salt and black pepper

• 20 g. maionese:
— 1 egg
— Soft olive oil
— Vinigar
— Salt
• Wasabi

We open the avocado in two halves, take the seed out and with the help of a spoon we remove the flesh and we put it in a mixing glass where we add the juice of one lime. We blend it with the mixer and emulsify to get a homogeneous mix with extra virgin olive oil, we add some salt and pepper and we keep in the fridge.

We break two eggs in a mixing glass and we add a splash of Vinigar, salt and plenty of oil. We introduce the mixer and blend it without lifting it up until the blend emulsifies itself (that is, until it gets the desired texture). Once it starts we lift up the blender softly, bottom up. When the blender is ready we mix it with the wasabi to taste with a hand mixer and we set it aside.

The tuna must be really fresh. We cut it into regular dice (1 x 1 cm), we put it into a bowl and add thinly chopped onion, the lime grating and a pinch of salt to open the fish pores; finally, we add the soy drink and the sesame oil, we mix softly, bottom up, with the help of a spoon and we taste it; we check the salt if necessary and we set it aside in the fridge, not for too long, until we need to plate it up.

With the help of a mould we place the avocado cream at the bottom of the dish; then we add the tuna tartar and, finally, we add some wasabi maionese.

You can buy the mayonnaise if you prefer.
The avocado must be big and ripe.

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