Dear readers, this month I give you something basic and essential to live a full and – why not – positive life.

by Elena H. Ghazale / Executive Coach

Positive affirmations, also known as constructive monologues, personal reminders or self-talk scripts, are absolutely essential to build positive attitudes and self-confidence in our own abilities. But, for an affirmation to be really positive, it must have the following key ingredients:

1. Positive words or statements
2. First-person singular and present tense (use, for example, ?I am??)
3. Specific focus on what you want (use ?to be, to have, to do??)

Some examples of positive affirmations would be:
1. I am a positive person
2. I am a great salesperson
3. I can do whatever I want

Some examples of wrong affirmations would be:
1. I would like to be a positive person
2. I may possibly be a good salesperson some day
3. I would like to achieve something in my life

Can you spot the difference?
If you stick to the following guidelines, you can start enjoying the transforming powers of positive affirmations:
?Replace negativity with positivity. What happens around us is constantly dragging us down with its negativity; but when you start using positive affirmations, you can decide to get rid of negativity and start adopting the positive thinking that will lead you to success.
?Change your thinking. Remember that your mind believes in what you tell it. Reprogramme your subconscious mind by using positive affirmations and you?ll see how your conscious mind will turn them into positive emotions. Basically, you?ll become the person you said you?d be.
?Personalize your own affirmations. First, you need to think about what you want to achieve. Try to be as specific as possible and then, with the answer in your mind, create your own affirmation in the first-person singular and with the present tense. Like this, you will create realistic and tangible goals that will give you a path to follow.
?And at last: Repeat, repeat, repeat. If you want your affirmations to be effective, you must repeat them to yourself every day with attention, conviction, interest and desire. Write them on post its as a reminder and stick them in your most common places, like the fridge, bathroom, living room…

Are you ready? Listen to yourself and try to find the limiting beliefs you are repeating to yourself daily. Write them in the column on the left. Now, find the positive affirmations you will repeat daily, until they become true.

……….???????????????????? ……….
……….???????????????????? ……….
……….???????????????????? ……….

For further information, do not hesitate to write to me at or, if you prefer, you can follow me and get in touch with me through my Facebook profile @ElenaHGhazale or Instagram @Elenah.ghazale

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