Smoked Goat Cheese cake

RECIPE BY ISRAEL FRANCO ZUBIAGAChef in La Bodeguita de Corralejo

INGREDIENTS (4 people):
• 3 eggs
• 15 g flour
• 120 g sugar
• 375 ml cream
• 125 g smoked goat cheese
• 250 g cheese cream

ELABORATION Smoked Goat Cheese cake

Set aside 125 ml cream and pour in a pot on the heat, it doesn’t have to boil.
We chop the smoked goat cheese and we add it to the cream while on the heat. We let it stand for about 10’. Then, we mix it and let it cool down. With the help of a hand mixer we blend the rest of the cream (250ml) with cheese cream, this time cold. On the other side, we mix the flour, sugar and eggs.
We blend the two cheese mixtures and pour it on this last mixture (flour, sugar, eggs). Now we unify everything and strain it. The dough must be smooth and homogeneous.
We pre-heat the oven at 180º while letting the dough stand for half an hour. Then we bake it for 34 minutes. Once baked, we let the cake cool down and we keep in the fridge for at least 8 hours.

As decoration, we can use any marmalade or jam.

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