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We interviewed Simona Raponi, the owner of the beauty centre Simo Lime that opened in July 2013 to offer all kind of beauty, face and body treatments, hair removal, nail, massage… services to the inhabitants of El Cotillo and surrounding area.

Simona is beautician and graduated in several massage techniques (therapeutic, oriental and ayurvedic), apart from keeping up-to-date «one never stops training», she confesses happily when we talked about her education. Simona is a lover of ayurvedic philosophy, the most ancient medicine known at present, and this philosophy is instilled in her beauty centre.

What is your main aim, Simo Lime?
In my beauty centre, I try my clients to relax and enjoy, as this is something which contributes health and beauty; in fact, each treatment ends with an ayurvedic infusion to help keep this relaxation one reaches with a treatment, a massage, a period of time one has devoted to taking care of oneself.
And mainly, the most fulfilling aspect is finding the solution to a skin disorder: they are many the ones who come here because of acne, flaccidity… everything has a solutions and, mainly, the disorder must be treated in order to correct and stop it.

What apparatus do you have in Simo Lime for face and body beauty treatments?
I mainly work with ultrasound and radio-frequency, so trendy at present.
Ultrasound has many beauty applications, it is healing, it helps to improve cellulite, varicose veins, it helps us fight the accumulation of fat… it also helps to fight muscular pains.
And radio-frequency, currently known under the slogan «surgery-free beauty», is a reference technology when one seeks to correct flaccidity and tighten the face and body tissue, ideal to combat the ageing of the skin.
But Simo Lime works mainly with hands, manipulation and massage, depending on the disorder to be treated. What is very clear to me, thanks to my experience, is that combining apparatuses with hand work, that is, with well-made massage, the results are infinitely better. Massage helps boost the results.

Talking about massage, which we know you love, kobido is one of your specialities and it has become a trend in beauty for the last few year, but what is it and what effects does it have on our skin?
The facial massage Kobido, or «facelift», is a massage of Japanese origin, popular for its facelift effect. Well done, it’s ideal to keep a young skin as it activates the blood flow, relaxes the features, tones the muscles of the face, gleams the face and oxygenates the skin. We work from the neckline to the skull, for an hour, and it doesn’t only help our appearance, but also at a therapeutic level, for people suffering from headaches, migraines, bruxism… It is an ideal technique to relax and keep a young and beautiful skin.

What do you recommend us when it comes to choosing a cosmetic?
I’m getting increasingly interested in Ayurvedic philosophy as far as beauty is concerned, taking care of ourselves inside and out to find the balance, eliminate toxins … In this respect, I advocate natural cosmetics, all the products that are used In my centre and for sale to the public are certified organic and I currently have an Ayurvedic cosmetic line that I love, both for face and body, which has magnificent results.
Each person must find their cosmetic, and that is one of my duties, you have to study the skin and see what needs it has, but natural products are always better, in beauty we try to eliminate toxins, so I prefer not to put them on the skin.

When should we start taking care of ourselves?
I would say that since we are babies, of course with a simple and natural oil, and little by little, as we grow up we need to use other products and never stop looking after ourselves. The best advice is to create a daily beauty routine which starts with a cleansing of the skin, applying then a good hydration, as in this island we’re continuously exposed to the sun.

You were saying that all your treatments end up with an ayurvedic infusion, you are excited about their philosophy and you have studied it, why?
Ayurvedic medicine is the most ancient one and it’s a vast topic to talk about, but broadly speaking it says that every disorder originates in an unbalance: massage is the ayurvedic essence, with which we get a body balance; in fact, through massage you eliminate toxins; these massages are made with a combination of different kinds of essential natural oils, depending on the disorder to be treated and the needs of each person. In beauty, our target is to eliminate the toxins and regenerate the skin. Balance is beauty.

Avda. Hermanas del Castillo, 8. El Cotillo.
928 538 899.

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