10 reasons to fall in love with Caleta de Fuste

Welcome to Caleta de Fuste, the perfect place to spend your vacation where you will share some special moments.

With an extremely privileged location at the center of the paradisiacal island of Fuerteventura, the town of Caleta de Fuste has everything you need for an extraordinary stay, including a spring-like climate all year round, dreamlike beaches which are protected from the open ocean, the most sought after natural swimming pool of Fuerteventura. Here, we’ll share 10 reasons to fall in love with Caletca de Fuste. But these aren’t the only reasons… read on to find out more!

1. Paradise beaches

10 reasons to fall in love with Caleta de Fuste | Macaronesia Fuerteventura

Fine white sand and calm, shallow crystal-clear waters protected from the open sea await you on the beautiful wind sheltered beaches of Caleta de Fuste, with a host of services included.

On one hand, El Castillo beach, being more than 700 meters long is shaped into the form of a protected bay. It has a children’s playground, and you can bath in its crystal-clear sea, which is a delightful experience when the water is calm. On the other hand, La Guirra, a smaller yet delightful beach, has lagoons and walkways leading to the sea.

2. Water sports for everyone

Razones para enamorarte de Caleta de Fuste | Macaronesia Fuerteventura

In Caleta de Fuste marina, there are a wide range of water sports on offer in order to give you unlimited enjoyment. These include skating, jet skiing, padel tennis, windsurfing, catamaran riding to spot the whales and dolphins that inhabit the local area, and scuba diving. We even have a submarine for younger visitors. You can how to make the most of these calm waters which are brimming with marine life.

3. First class accommodation

10 reasons to fall in love with Caleta de Fuste

What’s more, Caleta de Fuste has a modern and varied range of accommodation to suit all tastes and needs. There are beachside hotels, local establishments, lodging adapted for remote working at this magnificent paradise, idyllic resorts for holding congresses and business trips , and finally there is accommodation which is perfect for practicing your swing, thanks to its two golf courses each of which have 18 holes with beautiful sea views.

4. Leisure and catering

Shopping in Caleta de Fuste is a pleasant experience thanks to its high number of malls and shops of all kinds, including boutiques, big brands, local businesses, craft shops, etc.

Caleta de Fuste’s catering services are equally as wide and varied, with all types of offers, from restaurants with the most traditional food to modern fusion eateries, as well as bars and pubs featuring lively cultural activities and live music performances.

5. Enchanting villages

Pueblos Antigua | Macaronesia Fuerteventura

Antigua, the municipality that hosts Caleta de Fuste, is home to a rich legacy of people from different eras, the history of which dates back hundreds of years.

Its capital, Antigua, oozes culture and tradition everywhere you turn. It has a beautiful church, a plethora of museums, windmills, and a long list of intriguing stories to be told. These include stories about pirates and corsairs, aboriginals, conquests, and stories of survival of a once inhospitable land.

6. Unlimited activity

Razones para enamorarte de Caleta de Fuste | Macaronesia Fuerteventura

In Antigua, you can choose a wide range of activities of kinds. Why not try them all so you can boast about having the perfect holidays here. Aside from water sports and golfing, you can practice any sport, such as running, tennis, or padel in a privileged environment.

Furthermore, hiking or cycling along the coast and taking in its incredible volcanic landscape is an excellent choice.

7. History and culture

Antigua holds important evidence of the long history of Fuerteventura, with its many places of historical and cultural interest.
-The Salt Museum, with its very own salt marshes, produces excellent quality salt using traditional methods.
– The Majorero Cheese Museum, the pride of the island, has had its very own Denomination of Origin for 25 years.
– La Atalayita, is the biggest archaeological site on the island, is home to some of the examples of its centennial history.

8. Rural environment

Razones para enamorarte de Caleta de Fuste | Macaronesia Fuerteventura

Caleta de Fuste has a privileged climate and beaches as well, but it’s worth journeying inland to discover a different side of the island’s nature and rural environment, and to enjoy the calmness this land breathes.

There, you will find extraordinary yet sensitive natural spaces, such as the Natural Monument of Malpaís Grande, a spectacular moon landscape created millions of years ago through volcanic eruptions. Its range of lodging and rural experiences are wide and varied, including farm visits, horse-riding routes, and an visits to olive oil and aloe vera sites which produces local products of an exceptional standard.

9. Farming tradition

Even though it is a volcanic and arid area, agriculture was the main activity in Fuerteventura until the beginning of the twentieth century, and Antigua still preserves a great farming tradition. there are still people working on the land across the local area, a land so special that it is able to produce products, including, tomatoes, potatoes, and vegetables.

10. Rich gastronomy

Gastronomía Fuerteventura | macaronesia Fuerteventura

Products from the land and sea go straight to the table to enhance up any gastronomic experience. Wrinkled potatoes with mojo sauce, the multi award-winning Majorero goat cheese, fresh Atlantic fish, marinated tomatoes, goat meat, and the list goes on. These are some of the most traditional and tasty examples of Fuerteventuran cuisine, made with local ingredients, thanks to the generosity of this wonderful land and its sea.

Caleta de Fuste is the perfect place for an idyllic vacation, where you’ll feel right at home.

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