Peluquería y Estética Mariana, hairdresser’s and beauty salon in Lajares

For about three months we have had a new business in Lajares, a hairdresser’s and beauty centre located in the main street which has opted for the cutting-edge technology to offer the best services in beauty treatments, Peluquería y Estética Mariana.

Mariana, its owner, studied physical education but started out his activity as a professional in an international company which is leader in the beauty treatment sector, where she managed a team of 12 people dedicated to laser hair removal and slimming treatments, which allowed them to acquire a solid practical experience with the most modern technology and the most advanced protocols. Regarding her training she consolidated her knowledge with periodical courses and masters in body treatments, laser hair removal, massage….
With this experience, Mariana had no doubts that she wanted to go on in the beauty sector contributing her knowledge and opting for the latest generation equipment.

What makes your centre different from others?
The fact of working with the latest technology. I wanted to guarantee a different offer; that’s why I invested in machinery of the latest generation regarding body and facial treatments.
For example, for laser hair removal, our star treatment, we have the most powerful and modern equipment in the market: the diode laser: cutting-edge technology that guarantees the best and fastest results without any associated risks, painless, efficient for all kinds of skin and that can be carried out all through the year.

What other services do you offer?
Regarding the face we offer a wide range of rejuvenation treatments such a radio frequency, laser, the led mask, aiming to treat flaccidity, wrinkles and contributing gleam to the skin. We also offer essential services of skin cleansing, chemical peeling….
Regarding the body we love radio frequency and cavitation for the effectiveness of results from the first session in reducing localized fat deposits, cellulite, toning and modelling. We complement all those treatments with the world best pressotherapy in lymph drainage that improves the blood flow and fluid retention.
We must highlight that all the treatments start with a compulsory personal diagnose that will indicate what the most suitable treatments are for every skin and body in each moment.
Of course we offer manicure, pedicure, microblading, massage…
I also wanted to add the hairdresser’s service because we don’t have any in the area and I wanted to offer a complete service for all those people who care about their image.

What have these first three months been like?
Very satisfying. We have been very welcome from the very first day, thanks to our facilities and to the range of services we offer. I feel very proud of the good results we are having. A great deal of our success is due to the human factor, the team of professionals that support me. From the very beginning I knew that this technology offer wouldn’t be enough to succeed without a human team with a solid training and experience. We have succeeded and our customers recognise it day after day and recommend us.

Any special promotion for this month of February?
Winter is the ideal season for facial treatments. This is why we offer two packs at a fantastic price.
— Intensive moisturising treatment (before, 215€, now, 145€), includes:
• 1st session :deep facial hygiene with ultrasonic peeling.
• 2nd session: hydro-nourishing treatment with collagen mask.
• 3rd session: Diode Laser and Led mask to get a moisturised and radiant skin.
—Anti-aging treatment, it firms the skin and fights wrinkles: (before, 325€ – now, 265€)
• 5 radiofrecuency facial sessions.

Peluquería y Estética Mariana
+34 683 344 114
Facebook: Mariana Peluquería y Estética

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