NORTYSUR HOGAR, over 50 years decorating homes

In order to get to know Nortysur’s history we must go back to the 60’s, when the well-known professor, Juan Tadeo Cabrera, opened a little ironmonger’s in Puerto del Rosario to meet the needs of the inhabitants in a Fuerteventura island not very developed yet.

Times were changing and Juan Tadeo and his family extended their business to adapt to the new times and be able to meet those needs which were coming up in the field of construction.

So, in the 80’s, Nortysur consolidates as an important trade family group of reference in Fuerteventura, holding several companies involved in the construction and refurbishing businesses, among them Nortysur Hogar, specialised in the sale of furniture, decoration and interior design. In the year 81, Ana Rosa joins Nortysur Hogar, and in little time and after much work and dedication she generates a change in the trend of this furniture shop.

From 1987, Ana Rosa starts travelling to get to know the last trends in furniture and decoration. It was just in her tours around Europe and South East of Asia that she starts importing original furniture she got directly from local manufacturers. So, little by little, Ana Rosa was transforming this great furniture store until turning it into the store we know and visit nowadays in Risco Prieto, the store with the best offer in decoration and interior design in Fuerteventura, Nortysur Hogar.

Nortysur Hogar is structured in five great sections: furniture, furnishings, textile, babycare and fitness, the last two sections being a reference in the island, as there is no other shop with the best and most varied offer in baby supplies and fitness machines. As far as sports, they have representatives of Reebook, Matrix and Vision machines in Fuerteventura; as for furnishings, they have, for example, the innovative Léluke brand, with a new line for vegan kitchen.

As a novelty, this very month, a new mattresses section, with the best makes in the market, will open in Risco Prieto. Also, this season they add aluminium furniture to the garden offer, perfect for the arid weather which characterises the island.

Currently Nortysur Hogar has three sales points: Corralejo and Puerto del Rosario, in Fuerteventura, and Arrecife in Lanzarote. Having these three great sales points allows them to expand their offer and reduce prices, offering the best prices in the market. And to make it even easier for their customers in Fuerteventura and Lanzarote they’re finalizing the details to set up their online shop, which will open very soon.

Trustworthy brands, furniture and original pieces from different spots in the world, affordable prices and customized attention are Nortysur Hogar’s distinguishing marks. A business that has been able to adapt to the times and has developed along with Fuerteventura, with great knowledge of the market in the islands, which has allowed them to offer the customer everything they require at any time.

And in an island where the weather hardly changes during the year, Nortysur Hogar becomes, for their loyal customers, a kind of season guide thanks to which you know that Spring is coming when Nortysur Hogar blooms; you can soak up their freshness when Summer arrives, and you realize Christmas is coming when they turn red and full of light. To sum up we could say that Nortysurhogar is a thermometer of the last decoration trends in Fuerteventura.

Nortysur Hogar
C/ henequén, 41. Risco Prieto. Puerto del Rosario
C/ Lepanto 24. Corralejo
928 852 020

NORTYSUR HOGAR, over 50 years decorating homes | Macaronesia FuerteventuraNORTYSUR HOGAR, over 50 years decorating homesNORTYSUR HOGAR, over 50 years decorating homes | Macaronesia Fuerteventura

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