The Canary Island surfer, Melodie Bohny, in the new programme «El Puente»

Last May 22nd it was released, in Movistar +, the docureality El Puente, an original programme from Movistar + and Zeppelin Producer in which 15 people have 30 days to build a 300-m bridge that will take them to an island in the middle of a lake, where a big prize of 1.000.000 Euros is awaiting them.

Without nominations or eliminations and isolated from the world, in basic conditions (without running water, electricity and with just basic food), participants must cooperate until the end, and among them choose one single winner who will decide if they will keep the prize for themselves or if they will share it with the rest or just with some of them.

Among the 15 participants in this first edition filmed in a spectacular setting in the Argentinian Patagonia there is a Canary Island Surfer and Model, Melodie Bohny.

Melodie Bohny, born in Ireland to an Irish mother and a German father, was brought up in Fuerteventura, and she fell in love with surf and its life style very early in her life. These days we are enjoying her participation on this new programme, presented by Paula Vázquez, where photography and the style of the programme are carefully looked after, getting far away from the habitual reality shows and approaching us rather to a fiction programme.

«I feel very lucky to take part in this new programme. The truth is that it has been a really hard and intense but incredible month. This experience has also made me change as a person, I’ve opened up a lot of since then, I have learnt to live the moment and the present, to enjoy what I have, to detoxify from the current society, to disconnect from the world completely, without a mobile, without communication with the world, not knowing what time or what day it was, having no news from my family or friends, just the necessary to survive every day in this magic place that La Patagonia is», Melodie Bohny tells us. And she adds «the best of all is that I have taken with me a lot of incredible people from «El Puente», who have supported me and with whom I still can count on in my life».

Will Melodie get the prize? We’ll soon know about it.
«El Puente», 8 fifty-five-minute-long chapters, is being showed every Monday from 21:00h (Canary Islands Time) in Movistar Plus, 0 Channel, until the end of July.

Melodie Bohny en el docureality El Puente | Macaronesia Fuerteventura

Melodie Bohny en el docureality El Puente | Macaronesia Fuerteventura


Melodie Bohny en el docureality El Puente | Macaronesia Fuerteventura

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