Have you ever seen how you normally end up discussing the same topics with your family, friends and colleagues, especially?

By Elena H. Ghazale / Executive Coach?

If I ask you what troubles you about your job or what bothers you about your partner or children, don?t you end up answering the same? That you?ve been talking about it over and over again, in every conceivable way, and still nothing, absolutely nothing at all has changed?

Do you know why this happens? In many cases it turns out that we are observing the same situation from very different perspectives; in other cases, somebody doesn?t get along well with you and their mission is to contradict you.
Do you know what I?m talking about?
I think you do. Probably, just like me, you find yourself in a similar situation quite often during your life. For this reason, Dr Edward de Bono created a revolutionary system called ?Six Thinking Hats?.
The key is to be able to analyse an offer, a situation, a project or anything else from six different perspectives.
Where?s the trick?
The thing is that everyone who?s involved in the conversation must be focused on the same direction, so at the same time there?s no space for ego battles. We would all concentrate and analyse the offer with the same approach.
You can follow any map you prefer, but let me give you a very simple and practical one. Here you have it:


Now it?s your turn. Have you decided yet?

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