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César and José María are passionate about Fuerteventura; they open this new office offering close family treatment, translating the legal complexity into colloquial language. A new concept based on the professionalism and seriousness that characterises them, community minded people adapting to the needs of their clients.

How does LAJARES LAW OFFICES come up?
The property and what this concept means in the real estate market – purchase of land, real estate, buildings, holiday rental, long-term rentals, sales, assignment of properties, investment funds… – is the legal transaction par excellence in Fuerteventura. Embarking on a project of such an extent is not an easy task, as the activity around this kind of inversions requires a scrupulous knowledge of the law and, of course, being up-to-the minute about the endless changes and updates.
Under these premises, LAJARES LAW OFFICES is born, whose philosophy is, precisely, to lead and protect, from a legal point of view, owners and investors, simplifying every stage of the purchase, sale, building, urban planning and rental processes, or the legal protection of the patrimony from the very beginning of the project.

Who are you?
The founders of this new office are the lawyers César Zarza and José María Badía, and we have an experience in business, civil and administrative law, and urban planning of over 50 years between both of us. In all those years we’ve welcome endless clients from all the nationalities in our office in Puerto del Rosario. We’ve helped them to solved a huge number of issues related to their real estate that in almost every occasion could have been avoided with a good initial legal advice.
Likewise, we’ve advised about numerous large-scale projects in the island where we’ve developed experience and knowledge that have allowed us to learn the ropes of legal and administrative arrangements that any operation might bring about.

Why in Lajares?
Lajares, in general the North of the island, is a most interesting destination regarding investment, where many people aim to settle down or invest in a very attractive area from the point of view of the great range of options it provides.
LAJARES LAW OFFICES is born to offer legal coverage thus protecting their clients in any activity developing around it (buying and selling, holiday rental, drawing up contracts, contracts of constructions, insurances, land registry, urban planning, tax law…), always trying to avoid law suit or associated issues, almost always due to the lack of previous advice.

What does LAJARES LAW OFFICES offer?
Professional advice with a personal touch. We could say the office’s been set up from a prevention perspective. Consult us before any purchase or investment, as it’s easier being safe than sorry. Our job is being beside the client and making it easier for them that complicated part related to laws, even to people not living in the island. They’re many the foreigners we work for, which means being up-to-date not just in the Spanish Law but also in that from their countries of origin.
The acquisition of a real estate or the development of a project doesn’t end after the purchase. We insist on the need to keep meeting all the legal requirements, either to just keep or exploit it, issues with tenants, situations brought about by bank loans, changes of urban planning, incidences and administrative sanctions or any other issues throughout the existence of the real estate, which we repeat that don’t end after the mere transaction but they generate endless legal situations we must give an answer to.
We’re a close family office structure adapting to the particular needs of each client, anticipating all the issues that might arise and accompanying the investor or owner in each step of the process. Mortgages, banking transactions, land agreements, insurances, inheritances, situation of the property in case of divorce, rentals, sales… Behind this list of options under the name of property, the need to be legally advised from the very beginning and during the whole life of the property is understandable, to prevent endless issues, problems and eventual law suits.

To what kind of clients is LAJARES LAW OFFICES oriented?
In LAJARES LAW OFFICES we offer advice not just to private foreign individuals, as it’s a multilingual office, but also to firms and investors, investment founds… thus being able to advise in complex situations like the acquisition of property or money through litigation or administrative and judicial auctions, where if the opportunities are greater, the need to be well advised is doubly important.

LAJARES LAW OFFICES is young and modern, inspires confidence, quietness and, especially, legality.

Calle Coronel González del Hierro – Lajares
+34 928861542 /

Lajares Law Offices | Macaronesia FuerteventuraLajares Law Offices | Macaronesia FuerteventuraLajares Law Offices | Macaronesia Fuerteventura

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