10 reasons why La Oliva is the place you dream of for your holidays in Fuerteventura

The northern municipality of Fuerteventura, La Oliva, is characterized by its coastline of wonderful beaches of fine golden sand and crystal clear waters. But it has much more to offer: activities, events, gastronomy, culture, nature, etc. Here, we give you 10 reasons why this Canary paradise is the perfect place an unforgettable holiday at any time of the year.

1. The weather

It’s no secret that the Canary Islands, known as the lucky islands, have possibly the best climate in the world. Here we enjoy an eternal spring, with an average annual temperature that moves between 18 and 24 ºC. In La Oliva in particular, between the constant trade winds and the sea that surrounds the municipality almost entirely, the temperature is particularly mild all year round. As if that wasn’t enough, the sea remains above 20ºC, inviting you to take a dip at any time of the year.

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2. Spectacular beaches

The coast of La Oliva, which runs from east to west along the north of Fuerteventura, stretches for almost a hundred kilometres. One hundred kilometres of beaches, most of them, more than twenty, of all kinds: some endless, such as Grandes Playas of Corralejo, wild beaches, beaches with all manner services, ideal for children, protected from the open sea, as well as natural lagoons, beaches perfect for doing water sports. Here, there are beaches for everyone.

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3. European territory: proximity and security

The Canary Islands and Fuerteventura in particular, by similarity could be the Caribbean and by proximity to Africa, but it is Europe. With all the services and security provided by a European Union territory. And with a modern international airport with direct flights to all major European cities in an average of four hours by plane, and is only half an hour from Corralejo, the main town of La Oliva, and forty minutes from the furthest point of the municipality.

4. The best spot for water sports

Windsurfing, kiteboarding, scuba diving, paddle surfing. What is your favourite water sport? In La Oliva you will find the best spots to give them a try. There are windy spots with or without waves, surfing spots with waves for all levels, and areas of calm waters with a rich marine biodiversity for snorkelling or scuba diving. If you want to get started in any of these sports, La Oliva has a wide range of professional schools specifically for each discipline.

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5. Wild and unspoiled nature

For those who like to explore nature and discover unique natural landscapes, La Oliva, on an island that is a Biosphere Reserve in its entirety, has a lot to offer. A large percentage of the municipality’s surface area is protected in one way or another, as it is an area of impressive, natural, historical, and artistic landscapes. Among its protected natural areas is a small island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the Natural Park of Islote de Lobos, an immense sea of sand dunes, several natural monuments and volcanoes, mountains, and sandy areas. We recommend that you walk along one of its many trails and bike paths.

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6. Accommodation

Do you want to stay in an exclusive luxury hotel or an adults-only hotel? Or one that’s suitable for children? Would you prefer a rural cottage or a private villa with a swimming pool? In the different areas of the municipality you will find modern, attractive accommodation to suti everyone, even if you are looking for accommodation suitable for remote working, the area of La Oliva is the place for you.

7. Gastronomy and catering

Do you like to eat? Well, you’re in luck, because La Oliva has as wide a choice of restaurants to sample delicious dishes. The local products with which the restaurants prepare their recipes range from fish and everything the sea has to offer (octopus, limpets, squid, etc.) to the meat and cheese of the Majorero goat, with denomination of origin, and what is harvested from an arid but fruitful land (tomatoes, potatoes, vegetables, etc.)
Thanks to the mixture of cultures typical of the area, the restaurants offer everything from the most traditional food to modern fusi on and international menus from all over the world.

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8. History, culture, and tradition

The history of La Oliva goes back thousands of years, as it has archaeological sites with the traces left by the mahos, the aborigines of the island, such as the famous podomorphs of the Tindaya Mountain. It has villages with a lot of history, including La Oliva, the capital of the municipality. But also, El Cotillo, Lajares, and Villaverdeare are villages that have history dating back centuries, of a culture and of a tradition that in many cases has lasted until today and is within reach.

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9. Shopping and leisure

Corralejo, the largest town in the municipality of La Oliva, is a perfect place for shopping. It has several shopping malls, a huge avenue full of shops of all kinds, boutiques, big brands or local businesses with a special charm, craft shops and even outdoor market.
In villages such as El Cotillo and Lajares, shopping has become a must due to the rise of quality commerce, with a wide range of shops run by local artisans.
And there’s one thing that makes shopping here a very satisfying experience: it has the lowest taxes in Europe.
After sunset, the streets are still full of life due to the wide range of leisure activities on offer, with its bars, terraces overlooking the sea, pubs, live music, etc.

10. Events

And whenever you come, pay attention to the events schedule, because there is always something of interest. You can enjoy the world-famous International Kite Festival that takes place in November in Corralejo and El Cotillo, an International Blues and Jazz Music Festival (October) in the square of Corralejo; popular festivals all across the municipality with its romer ía and its popular music, Carnival celebrations, or small cultural festivals in the villages of the municipality. La Oliva also hosts major sporting events, such as a half marathon through the dunes or a cycling route through the municipality, among many other events that take place throughout the year.

We’ve given you 10 reasons, but there are many more to discover when you come to see this paradise in the world.

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