Goodbye to the tip in the Ravine of Lajares

The ravine of Lajares isn’t a tip anymore. After the town hall of La Oliva removed 12 tons of rubbish, the ravine has recovered its condition of natural environment.

To end with the bad habit of throwing away any waste to a tip which isn’t such, spoiling the environment and creating a terrible impact on nature, the town hall of La Oliva has constrained the perimeter of the area and has placed notice boards to make the population aware and make them respect the regulations of waste management, with the aim of involving the neighbours so that we can all enjoy a much cleaner municipality.

The tons of waste, among which they withdrew half a ton of tyres and more than two thousand appliances and electronic devices, have been moved to “Complejo Ambiental de Zurita” for its appropriate processing and recycling.

The works of cleaning and restoration of the ravine took one week, due to the huge amount of waste that had been gathered in the area, and it meant a joint effort by a specialised company, the environmental department and that of public works and services.

The ravine of Lajares can already boast of recovering its environmental values. The cleaning and restoration tasks will keep taking place in other areas, but the most important task of the public institutions is raising awareness to get the active involvement of people in the respect and preservation of the natural environment.

Local waste facilities in Lajares

A few metres away from this ravine we find the local waste facilities of Lajares, which collects the waste of the neighbours for free. This is a free service by the island council, which offers the collection of any kind of waste from private citizens, large household goods like electrical appliances and furniture, debris from minor remodelling, wood and metal, special waste such as electronic devices, batteries, etc.

The local waste facilities of Lajares is in Calle Central (old road) and it’s open on Tuesday and Sunday from 9h00 to 19h00 (closed on Monday and holidays).
Telephone: 928859049.

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