The perfect family holidays are in Caleta de Fuste: five ideal plans to enjoy with the little ones

We know that travelling with children can sometimes be a bit of a muddle but Caleta de Fuste makes it very easy for you: safe beaches ideal for the little ones, a lot of activities designed for the kids, parks, attractions… and all comfortably near, very close by.

We have the perfect places and plans so that your family trip may be a nice and thrilling experience for all the members of your household.
The children are especially welcome in Caleta de Fuste but, above all, they are very happy there.

The best beaches for children

The island of Fuerteventura is full of beaches along its coastline but, if you are looking for beaches to enjoy with the children, those in Caleta de Fuste are the ideal ones.

A lot of metres of white fine sand to play in, very calm shallow crystal-clear waters, protected from the open sea, beaches sheltered from the wind, with all services and a wide offer of activities for all ages that will make an unforgettable day with your loved ones.

On the one side, El Castillo beach is a protected bay more than 700 metres long that has a children’s park just by the sand, and swimming in its crystalline calm sea is a delight. And, on the other hand, we have La Guirra, smaller but charming, with its lagoons and gangways entering the sea.

The perfect family holidays are in Caleta de Fuste| Macaronesia Fuerteventura

Discovering the bottom of the Sea

A fantasy that any child would love to come true is to conquer the sea bed on board a bottom-glass boat. In Caleta de Fuste this is possible and the richness of the sea will make them enjoy it more than ever, discovering all kinds of fish and marine species: groupers, schools of fish, manta rays, octopus, turtles…

Plans to enjoy with kids in Caleta de Fuste | Macaronesia Fuerteventura

A tour on wheels

Caleta de Fuste has several bike lanes to move around on while you can enjoy the landscape here and there. From the marina to Costa Antigua, there is a stretch that goes along the coast, offering a very pleasant tour. There is another one that goes from El Castillo beach to La Guirra and another that goes by the road. And there are many options to take: bikes, electric scooters or pedal cars, among others. An ideal experience for children of any age!

Sailing the seas… watching dolphins

Who would not want to sail the sea on board a boat and discover its treasures? A trip to watch the coastline from the sea, enjoying the views and the best of all: spot some of the many cetaceans that live off the coast on Fuerteventura. Dolphins, pilot whales and even whales are stunning species that you can see in their natural habitat during the trip. That image will be recorded in your memory forever! An amazing experience.

Swimming with sea lions

The children have made it clear: a swim with friendly sea lions is one of their favorite experiences. The Oceanarium Explorer in the port of El Castillo has a huge sea-water swimming pool where the children (and adults) can share their swim with the sea lions. A moment of guaranteed happiness.

Swimming with sea lions in Caleta de Fuste | Macaronesia Fuerteventura

Minigolf for the whole family

A minigolf tournament is a fantastic idea to entertain the family. In Caleta de Fuste are several minigolf courses ready for the little ones, and also the big ones, to have a wonderful time together all practicing their swing.

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