New Drysurf Training Centre in Corralejo

Prepare your body for what you want from it?

While you are reading these lines, a new Drysurf Training centre is opening its doors in Corralejo, in the Corralejo Beach Hotel

Drysurf Training is a kind of exercise that works on proprioception: through the use of an unsteady board on which to perform functional fitness trainings, you can improve your functional balance.
Drysurf was created in Fuerteventura 5 years ago by the personal trainer and osteopath Miguel A. Lindoso (CSD – Centro de Salud y Deporte in La Oliva) as the perfect tool to recover from sports injuries and to train your surfing. Over time, together with his partners Carlos Lindoso and Mauro Gasc?, Miguel developed this training system that can be adapted to all sports.
Three years ago, Drysurf Training got started in the Health and Sports centre in La Oliva (CSD – Centro de Salud y Deportes) where, apart from functional fitness trainings, they offer rehabilitation programs, controlled by the therapists of the centre.
We talked with Mauro Gasc? about the details of this new centre in Corralejo.

Can you tell us something more about this training method?
Our work tool is an unsteady board that can be adapted to all kinds of functional trainings. Our method is based on the proprioception (balance), which is necessary for all types of sports and in our own lives. The same workouts you do on the floor can be adapted to this system; as a plus, strong impacts are eliminated and positions can be performed correctly, minimalizing injuries and joint damages.
Once you get on the board, you start exercising roughly 600 muscles. That?s why this is one of the most complete and healthies trainings you can do.

Who is this kind of training for?
It is for everybody, no matter their age, there are no limitations.
It is ideal to improve your shape, working on the balance through functional fitness trainings adapted to the needs and intensities of each person.
It is perfect for those athletes who want a specific training to improve their abilities in the sport they do. Of course, it is ideal to improve your surfing, for both beginner and advanced levels; it is perfect for any sport that implies sliding on a surface.

How are the lessons structured?
We work with small groups, so that the attention is almost personalised. We keep a closer eye on every training and adapt the exercises to every person?s intensity.
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 5 pm to 8 pm. More lessons will be scheduled according to the requests.

And for the surf schools?
Our idea is to offer surf schools the possibility to use our centres, both in La Oliva and in Corralejo, to practice the specific movements of surfing, since our work tool has a lot of potential for beginners. You have an unstable board where you can practice and repeat all the movements it?d take you longer to learn in the water. Video corrections can be used, as well: there is no better way to correct your positions than by seeing yourself.

Is there anything else you wish to tell us?
Dare yourselves to try this training! It is a specific, therapeutic and professional workout you can get fit with while having fun.
In the Hotel Corralejo Beach you can also find the clinic CBS – Optimize Your Surfing, where they do personalised surf classes both in the water and through drysurf.

Prices: 2 classes/week, ? 60 per month. If you pay for 3 months, it is ? 50 per month.

617 64 62 72

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