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Your pet’s dental health is very important to keep an unbeatable general health. By Veterinaria a Domicilio Fuerteventura

Teeth require a cleaning and routine work to avoid illnesses, not just dental but also systemic. Small dogs are more prone to suffer from halitosis (bad breath) and periodontal diseases (gingivitis, gingiva fistula, periodontitis….). This is due to many reasons, among them acid saliva: teeth are closer together and they are usually prized with home-made food, which worsens the teeth condition).
Bad breath is due to the production of bacteria in the mouth. This can be avoided if we clean our pet’s teeth daily: there are special brushes and pasta to do it. If brushing it isn’t an option for your pet there are also thousands of products to keep their dental health (teething rings, mouthwash, snacks, special feed etc).
Bacteria and dirt settle in their mouth: they can form dental plaque, thus creating SEDIMENT under the gums, which appears like a brown or yellowish structure in the base of the tooth, and which can cause many problems, thus worsening the life quality of your pets and even shorten their life.

When should you go to the vet?

If your dog suffers from halitosis, pain when biting, excessive saliva and/or dark or yellowish teeth this is the moment to consult your vet.
The vet must revise your pet’s teeth and explore their health condition. If there are symptoms of teeth diseases they will recommend a professional dental cleaning.

What does a dental cleaning consist of?

It’s a procedure of deep cleaning and exploration of the health condition of teeth: it requires general anaesthesia, reason why a pre-surgical study must be done. The teeth that present potential and irreparable damage must be removed.
After the dental cleaning, your vet will recommend good dental health maintenance procedures.

In «Veterinaria a Domicilio» we celebrate our fifth year and we would like to thank you for your trust and confidence by offering a 20% discount in dental cleaning and pre-surgical study of your pet this month of March.

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