Cofete Beach, the wildest beach in The Canary Islands

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In the south of Fuerteventura, in the western coast, in the middle of the Natural park of Jandía, we find one of the wildest beaches in Europe and, probably, the least visited one: Cofete beach.

Nobody remains indifferent after visiting this wonderful 14km-long and 50mt-wide beach, one of the longest beaches in Spain.

Its wild nature, the absence of civilization – just a little village with no more than 25 inhabitants- and the fact of being sheltered by the mountain range of Jandia, holding the highest peak in Fuerteventura, La Zarza (807mts) make one feel the true power of nature when looking at the landscape.

Casa Winter | Macaronesia fuerteventura

Not only is its natural landscape special. Cofete is a spot full of with mystery, watched over by the famous Casa Winter, which has been the protagonist of interesting legends of a not so far away past. Moreover, the first thing the visitor finds when arriving in this beach is a quaint graveyard we find almost in its sand.

Cementerio en la playa | Macaronesia Fuerteventura


Once you are in Cofete, we invite you to go all over it and find out “El Islote”, a little island next to the beach, about 5kms northwards. Another attraction, about 2kms southwards, is “El Roque del Moro”, a huge rock placed vertically, which impresses us at first sight.

Playa de Cofete | Macaronesia Fuerteventura

Another of the most important natural attractions of this area is the presence of “El Cardón”, a protected indigenous plant you can only find in The Canary Islands, mainly in the south of Fuerteventura. It’s also easy to find wild asses and, of course, the authentic goats of Fuerteventura grazing freely.

Be careful in Cofete beach, as there are strong streams and wild waves, and there is no watchfulness and services whatsoever. Although the sea seems to be calmed, you must be extremely cautious.

Cofete beach and its spectacular setting is, no doubt, a must visit spot in Fuerteventura for those who want to keep in their minds one of the wildest beach pictures in Europe, maybe a reflection of what the Canary Islands were not so long ago. A place to get lost and feel free.

How to get to Cofete Beach:

• From Morro Jable, heading towards the quay, you must take a dirt road departing from this village and leading us to “Cofete-El Puertito”.
• Following this road, after 8,5km, you must take a right turn signposted as “Cofete”. Then you get to the lookout, where you can enjoy spectacular views all over the area. Be careful, it’s usually very windy here, and we must go down towards the little village and the beach through a narrow dirt road.

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