Cl?nica Principal

Published On: 19 February, 2018

Cl?nica Principal, the innovative medical clinic in the heart of Corralejo

How did the idea of the clinic come up?
The large increase in the population which is taking place in Fuerteventura during the last years requires a healthcare based on the principle of personalised patient care, short waiting times, high quality standards. ?Cl?nica Principal?, located in Corralejo, was founded in the North of Fuerteventura, aiming to meet these needs. Moreover, the climate and the nature in Fuerteventura are unique in the whole world, which turns this island into an ideal place for medical treatments.

What is your value proposal based on?
?Cl?nica Principal? has a wide range of specialities and medical treatments, based on the following principles:
?Personalised patient care.
?Excellence of our medical team.
?International and multidisciplinary team.
?Use of innovative technology and methods.
?Investment on development and innovation.

Very interesting. Many of our readers are athletes. Do you have anything special for them?
We have an excellent team of General Medicine and 24h emergencies, nursery and pain unit. We also have a very exclusive Physical Therapy called Neurocognitive Rehabilitation or ?M?todo Perfetti?, which is very successful in the qualitative recovery of the right and developed mobility.

We have seen you are promoting the ?Principal? card. What does it consist of ?
It?s a card that, for just 15? a month, allows a series of important advantages and discounts in our services. The idea is to make it easier the access to private and quality medical services to the inhabitants of the island, providing an economic alternative to the traditional insurances, without age limit nor previous medical check-up.

+34 928 866 139

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