Twenty years looking after people in Fuerteventura

Centro Médico Cem Fuerteventura

Silvestre de León’s dream is now twenty years old. The businessman, who passed away in 2002, decided to open a physiotherapy centre in the late nineties, to meet the needs of the existing demand in Fuerteventura. Two decades later, Centro Médico Fuerteventura (CEM) has more than fifty specialists and a sophisticated technology that have turned it into a cutting-edge benchmark in the island and beyond its geographic limits.

Silvestre de Leon’s project was launched in 1998, starting out in small premises in María Estrada street, in Puerto del Rosario. A sign was placed on its facade, reading Centro Clínico Fuerteventura. New medical specialities joined the initial physiotherapy services in a short time. Meanwhile, Silvestre kept on dreaming of integrating new health services meeting the needs of the society in the island. In 2002 he fulfilled his dream: installing the first magnetic resonance in the island. The arrival of this machine meant a true revolution in the health system of the island. An agreement with the health service in the Canary Islands brought the patient transfer to Gran Canaria and Tenerife -and also the waiting lists- to an end.

That very year Silvestre died, and his project would be continued by his wife, Marisa Darias, who has pursued the same targets: providing the island of Fuerteventura with the best specialists and cutting-edge methods for diagnosis tests and equipment.

Little by little, the family in the centre was growing bigger and, after a joint venture between Centro Clínico Fuerteventura and Centro de Especialidades Médicas (CEM), the centre, now located in La Graciosa street, has got a wide catalogue of services with the most avant garde technologies: 4D sonography in gynaecology, totally digitized radiology, cryosurgery in otorhinolaryngology –unique in the island- … Apart from private attention, it also works with private insurance companies, employers’ liability insurance associations and other insurance companies.

Silvestre’s dream has been fulfilled. Over twenty different specialities and 50 professionals work daily so that CEM keeps being a benchmark for the health system in the island.

Centro Médico Cem Fuerteventura
C/ Isla Graciosa, 17. Puerto del Rosario 928 858 200

Centro Médico Cem Fuerteventura

Twenty years looking after people in Fuerteventura

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