• The truth about the primitive Fuerteventura’s inhabitants is a great mistery, difficult to clarify due to the lack of archeological, historic and linguistic evidences; but still there are several research […]

  • Fuerteventura has several natural treasures. One of them, considered one of the best in the world, is Aloe Vera. This plant, with multiple health benefits, grows in optimal conditions in […]

  • In 1739 Great Britain wages war on Spain, attacking colonies with its sea forces and with the help from Portugal. This is the so called War of Jenkins’ ear (1739-1748) […]

  • We heard, by chance, about the existence in Fuerteventura of a character still in the memory of some elderly people. He was known as The Lambs’ Doctor, though his name […]

  • Traditional wind mills are spread all over the majorera geography, as dumb witnesses of time passing by. Like posts that clung to the ground are unwilling to be forgotten, by […]

  • Cl?nica Principal, the innovative medical clinic in the heart of Corralejo How did the idea of the clinic come up? The large increase in the population which is taking place […]

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Arrecife en Vivo 2023 | Macaronesia Fuerteventura
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