10 years of yoga with Azulfit

Azulfit was the first Yoga retreat created in Fuerteventura and one of the first Yoga & Pilates retreats in the world. Every year many people come to the island to participate in their retreats. They have a highly experienced local team as well as internationally respected guest instructors who contribute their knowledge about yoga and Pilates from across the world.

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Azulfit now celebrates its 10th Anniversary with a community Open Day excited to bring the island’s thriving yoga scene together with the global yoga community. International teachers will come to celebrate with Fuerteventura’s local yoga talents who also share the positive message of yoga and bring communities together.

What differences do you appreciate in Fuerteventura’s yoga scene since you opened 10 years ago?
In the beginning we were the only Yoga and Pilates retreat experience on the island and one of only a few in the world. Today, Fuerteventura is abundant with yoga studios, retreats, and amazing wellbeing practitioners.
We started by welcoming people to the island to share the amazing Fuerteventura lifestyle. I was blessed to teach on a beautiful wooden deck on the beach at what used to be La Sirena, and our guests joined Pilates sessions with me or joined us at the inspiring classes happening on the island at the time, with teachers such as Ilona in Villaverde and Radhika in Lajares.
Today, the island has a thriving yoga and wellbeing scene and I believe that now many visit Fuerteventura because of it.

And, how has this growth impacted Azulfit?
We started as a small group of yogis and now we’re blessed to be part of an amazing island yoga community. It’s a wonderful community to be part of.
With so much yoga available on the island, it would be easy to feel competitive and closed off, but, in truth we are more successful when we support one another and work together.
Each teacher has their own unique style and character, which allows them to find their niche and share what is their own passion, their own personality and love for the practice of yoga or movement. There are so many wonderful styles of yoga and movement now – Fuerteventura truly has something for everyone.

Why Fuerteventura?
Fuerteventura is one of the most beautiful places on the planet! When you combine the natural beauty and incredible energy of this paradise island with the powerful and positive practice of mindful movement, the feeling is amazing. For many people, the feeling of putting their feet in the sand and feeling the power of the ocean here melts away anxiety and stress almost instantly. The open volcanic landscape is perfect for grounding and reflecting –this stillness gives you the opportunity to spend time with yourself away from distractions and that is the perfect place to start– to grow, to heal, to love.

What kind of visitors come to Azulfit?
Our guests and teachers come from all over the world and from a variety of backgrounds. It’s wonderful to introduce them to this wonderful island. They are also the type of people who are thirsty to experience the real Fuerteventura and appreciate the oceans, the rural villages, incredible volcanic landscapes and the people and the energy that are unique to our island. They will return time and time again and become a sustainable and positive contribution to the island’s tourism.

Who may you recommend take yoga classes?
There is a type of yoga that is suitable for every person and every body. Some are searching for active yoga, some for more meditative/spiritual practices and some others are in need of fundamental classes, to nourish and heal. There are so many amazing yogis and therapists and places to practise on the island, we are excited to showcase some of these incredible local teachers and experts at our Community Open Day.

What would we experience during the Open Day?
We have inspiring teachers managing amazing yoga classes, meditations, healthy living and essential oils workshops all day, as well as delicious food, music and laughter. Visitors of all yoga experiences can join us to do as much or as little as they wish. Find some space to relax, indulge in a massage, or try the amazing classes and meditations.
The event will be headlined by Yoga Rockstar, David Sye, who will be sharing his exciting YogaBeats style, a free flowing, rock n roll class with a festival atmosphere, for all levels.
Best of all, it’s a chance for everyone to meet one another, share smiles and celebrate the incredible yoga community that Fuerteventura has brought together.

Who can join you in this Open Day?
Absolutely anyone with an open mind, open heart and a desire to meet and celebrate with fellow yogis. No yoga experience is required.
The Open day will take place at our Surya Retreat in Villaverde, on Wednesday July 11th 10.30am-8pm.
Proceeds from ticket sales will support the charity Yoga Beats Conflict. This is a charity that trains yoga teachers in conflict areas to use yoga as a tool for positive change and peace. Ticket prices are available to suit all budgets, including donation based.


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