Alberto de Mario, Longboard

Published On: 5 December, 2017

Age: 21 • Sponsors: Runawave Wetsuits, Blankers foam, Foam Fins, Soy Lybre , The Surfeiros Piratas, Swox Sunscreen, Paradise Surf Shop, La Ola Surf camp y Single Fin Hamburguesería • Origin: Spanish-Italian nationality, but born and brought up in El Ejido (Almeria) • Instagram: @albertodemario

Alberto de Mario got to Fuerteventura two years ago, in search of waves and escaping the harsh winter in Asturias, where he used to spend the Summer every year as a surf instructor.

Born and brought up in El Ejido, Almería, his passion for waves started when he was just 4, when his father and his uncle, both of them surfers, introduced him to this sport that he keeps practising every day, 17 years later.

Has surf set your path in life?
All my life spins around surf. I live for and to surf, planning my day to day according to the free hours I have to devote them to surf and train. I try to spend as long as possible in the sea, enjoying it no matter whether the conditions are good or bad. I always try to get something positive from every session, a privilege that not everybody can enjoy.

What kind of surf do you practise?
From 2011 onwards I have practised mainly longboard, on vintage style boards like fish and single fin. Maybe because I’m a quiet person and I lack the necessary nerve for the shortboard. However, I have a really good time surfing.

Have you competed?
I have been competing actively in different national championships and European Festivals such as Salinas Longboard Festival, where I won the 2016 edition in the amateur category. I took part in two European championships with the national Italian Team in 2012, and with the Spanish one in 2014. Moreover, I was a champion in two of the races in the Asturias circuit. At present, I am training to take part in some championships of the Canary Islands Longboard Circuit, the National Circuit and maybe some races of the WSL (World Surf League). To get good results I’m trying to improve my classic surfing, practising every day, as this is what longboard competitions usually require.

Any other projects,..
I have worked for different brands in the surf sector for some years now, and I usually go to festivals representing some of these brands. Moreover, I worked as a speaker in some national competitions.
Among my personal projects, besides taking part in competitions, I develop my own surf videos and I travel in order to surf more and better, and to get more material to make those videos.

Alberto wants to thank his family for all the support he received from them to practise the sport that has set his life path, the brands that sponsor him and make it all easier, and to his partner, Francesca, for putting up with the sand at home.
We hope you can keep being successful and enjoying the waves and the weather in this paradise.

Alberto de Mario, Longboard | Macaronesia Fuerteventura

© Andrea Ru

Alberto de Mario, Longboard | Macaronesia Fuerteventura

© Andrea Ru

Alberto de Mario, Longboard | Macaronesia Fuerteventura

© Andrea Ru

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