Chef of A poniente Gastro Bar: Jorge Carballeira

A Poniente, apart from an exquisite decoration and that urban and modern touch it transmits, has an excellent menu. This menu has sprung up thanks to the experience and the good cooking skills of the Chef: Jorge Carballeira.

Born in Galicia, after studying in the hotel business school in Santiago, he enters the labour market working in different restaurants in Italy, Ibiza, Huesca, Cádiz…. until gathering, up to now, almost 20 years of experience. Some years ago he arrived in Fuerteventura, where he worked in some of the best restaurants in the island, until finally he ended up working in the excellent kitchen of A Poniente nowadays.

A good cook is born so, or is there a development?
One develops into a good cook. It is essential to have a good basis from the hotel business school, to learn cooking terminology and, of course, the experience of having worked for many years. You need at least 10 years to be aware of what you are doing.

How would you define your cuisine?
It’s a classical one, one of lifetime flavours, but with a most current elaboration, using modern techniques, like low-heat cooking, dehydrated food, smoked one, mousse… of course with influences from all the places I’ve been working in, as all experience is enriching and useful to create your own dishes.

How would you define the cuisine in A Poniente?
The cuisine in A Poniente is a funny one, with «tapas», ideal to share. But we also offer the possibility to enjoy main and more elaborated dishes. Let’s say that it’s a classical cuisine with some personal touches.

What do you think about gastronomy in Fuerteventura?
Fuerteventura, at a gastronomic level, is starting up. There are some workmates who are already standing out and making dishes from the island that help to spread the «majorera» gastronomy. The problem I can see is that in Fuerteventura we don’t really have the support of the producers, as they are small producers who sometimes aren’t in touch with the cook, which makes it difficult to gather some raw material. Even so, in A Poniente we try to work with fresh local produce as far as possible. We’re lucky to have the sea, which provides good quality fresh fish; in fact, the most emblematic dishes of A Poniente are made with wreck-fish, salmon from Uba, tuna fish… and of course the delicious kid of Fuerteventura, another star dish of ours.

Recommend some dishes in your menu…

A funny dish, a kind of snack, the burger made of fresh chicken meat, beef or kid, fully elaborated in our kitchen.
And if you want highlights, the roast pressed suckling pig is one of the main dishes in A Poniente; likewise, the kids and fishes… and, of course, the delicious croquettes by Mario Martínez, the master of the croquette by excellence in Fuerteventura, whom we are lucky to have in our kitchen in A Poniente. The ideal thing is to come and taste different dishes. There is a great variety in our menu, and lots of dishes to taste. It isn’t a large menu, but a varied one, you find a bit of everything: meat, fish, fresh pasta made by us… Every day we show our suggestions apart from the menu depending on the raw material we get. Moreover, every two or three months we’ll be changing the dishes to keep surprising you.
Another highlight in A Poniente are the cocktails. We have a varied beverage menu for you to have a drink and taste something nice in good company.

You already know, to take some «tapas», share, eat a tasty roast pressed suckling pig, to have a drink, or to combine everything, we have a new and most highly recommended meeting point in Corralejo: A Poniente.

Calle La Acacia, Corralejo, next to del Hotel BARCELÓ Corralejo Sands
10.00h.-24.00h. Monday to Sunday
Average price per person between 20 and 30€.

A poniente Gastro Bar Corralejo | Macaronesia FuerteventuraA poniente Gastro Bar Corralejo | Macaronesia FuerteventuraA poniente Gastro Bar Corralejo | Macaronesia FuerteventuraA poniente Gastro Bar Corralejo | Macaronesia Fuerteventura

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