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About three months ago, Cl?nica Dental Global opened in Corralejo, a project by the dentist and dental technician Teodor Kanchev, which he himself defines as a dream. A dream that allows him to live in the paradise of kite, a sport that he loves, and to offer residents and tourists the services of a dental clinic whose main driving force is quality and prevention above all.

To Teodor?s 20 years of experience we have to add the huge experience of his dentist, Silke Janzen, who has worked for 18 years in different clinics in the island.

This great team of Cl?nica Dental Global is committed to a good oral health, essential for an optimum quality of life; for this reason they offer solutions in every field of dentistry with the best service and technology.

But most of all it is committed to prevention, for which they propose a methodology of work that detects all the possible problems that teeth may face. Every consultation starts with an ortopantomography, a panoramic x-ray that allows them not just to see the tooth but also its roots, muscles, articulations and how they all work in their essential day to day tasks. This new technology allows them to prevent, study, diagnose, apply treatment and rehabilitate specific oral, face and craniofacial disorders, thus avoiding future diseases.

Cl?nica Dental Global provides a customized service to the patients, using the most modern resources and techniques. They are committed to the 3D printing technology to solve on the spot problems such as dental reconstructions and crowns, or other conditions drawn out over time but which now, with the 3d scanners are solved immediately, without suffering the problems caused by unhealthy teeth.

In Cl?nica Dental Global they remind us that teeth must last our whole lifetime. This is why dental care goes beyond repairing a simple tooth cavity; a complete study of the teeth, articulations and muscles in their day to day activity must be done in order to prevent possible future diseases, make a complete dental check up and from that moment just follow-up visits every six months, to check that everything is working as expected. They also speak about the danger of a bad oral hygiene as it can cause endless illnesses and ailments, above all here in Fuerteventura, where water is very aggressive due to the quantity of lime it has; this is why two or three professional oral cleanings a year are recommended to avoid very common illnesses that could lead to serious problems.

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