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Ellenbeat dj | Macaronesia Fuerteventura

Age: 30 • Origin: Italy, Savona

From a very early age, music has always been her passion; 11 years ago she started to dj in several bars in her city, but it wasn’t until four years later that she turned her passion into her profession. Her artistic name is Ellenbeat; she has lived in Fuerteventura for one year and she’s an outstanding artist in the Italian music scene. Little by little she’s earning a spot in the electronic music international scene. She’s aware of how lucky she is for being able to earn a living from what she likes most; this is why she gives the best of herself in every performance.

How did you come to become a dj?
Since I was a child, music has been the great protagonist of my life: I was listening to it the whole day, when going to school, before going to sleep, while studying…. Being 18, and thanks to the group of a friend of mine who deejayed, I had the chance to approach this world, at the beginning as a hobby but little by little, and with tenacity, a lot of work and passion, I managed to make it become my life style.

Is it difficult for a woman to earn a spot in this world?
It isn’t easy; it’s a world where many more men than women deejay; this is why you have to work double and show everybody your expertise so they take you seriously. But once you get this, the satisfaction is also double.

Which kind of music do you listen to?
I listen to all the genres, or almost all of them, from rap and reggae to funk, pop and electronic music. The only music I don’t really like is metal and lyrical music!

How would you define your performances? Do you let the audience lead them or do you prefer leading them yourself?
I’m an electronic dj: every performance is different. I try to be in touch with the audience and the place and choose the themes that I consider that adapt best to each audience. I can’t prepare a play list, I let my instinct lead me, and bearing in mind the reaction of the audience I deejay what I think is best and funniest. Having a good feeling with the audience is sometimes more important than having a good technique.

What projects are you carrying out now?
I’m finishing my last music-productions, which will be released at the beginning of next year under an internationally recognised label. And as always, I am travelling to the best Italian clubs every weekend, where I’m a resident, and where they call me.

Resolutions for 2018, at professional level:
Together with my manager, I want to promote the new release. The idea is to look for more international clubs, go out from Italy, which is where I have more performances, as it’s my home country. I have already deejayed in some European Festivals, and the aim is to repeat and add more festivals, parties and venues where I can play my music. In Summer I’d love to play in Ibiza again, and in the Canary Islands, as now this is my residence and I’d like to tour around the Islands as much as possible.

You arrived in Fuerteventura one year ago. How do you consider the musical scene in this island?
From my point of view I think there are very good instrumental musicians in the island, but regarding electronic music I miss some more bars where they give more prominence to this style. Bars where people be confident that a good performance will take place and where they can listen to different music. Fuerteventura is an international destination where people from all over the world arrive, people to whom good performances of electronic music could be offered in cosy venues. They don’t have to be large discos. It’d be ideal to have venues where weekly events could be held, nice music and views, electronic dusks… I’d be delighted to deejay and promote it!

The next Wave Market will have her playing in their Christmas event, the weekend of next December 16th and 17th.

If you want to vibrate and enjoy her performances, you can follow her on:

Ellenbeat dj | Macaronesia FuerteventuraEllenbeat dj | Macaronesia Fuerteventura