Kinesio taping, elastic therapeutic tape

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Kinesio taping, also known as Elastic therapeutic tape, is a technique in which elastic tapes are used to treat muscle injuries. By Clínica Principal Corralejo

It was invented in Japan, in the 70’s, and the first ones to use it were orthopaedics, chiropractors and acupuncturists, while nowadays it has extended to many professional and amateur athletes.

The application of these elastic tapes allows the muscle injury to improve through the muscle natural movement. That way it helps reduce the swelling, improve the blood flow and, consequently, relieve the pain.

Unlike traditional bandage, whose objective is the limitation of the muscle movements, the elastic therapeutic tape doesn’t prevent the muscles from moving, and it helps the injury healing process.

These tapes are made with cotton fibre, which allows perspiration; moreover they are water resistant, work for up to one week and don’t contain any medication or chemicals. They work through the constant lymphatic drainage 24 hours a day and they can be used to increase or slow down the blood flow, according to specific needs.

Another characteristic of the kinesio taping is the use of different colours according to the kind of injury. For example, in case of muscular contractions on the back you use the red colour, which speeds up the blood flow and the heat; the blue one is used to relieve swellings, pains or lumps; the black colour helps the muscular trophism recovery.

In Clínica Principal Corralejo, a multipurpose health centre recently opened in downtown Corralejo, our professionals do therapeutic massage combined with the application of kinesio taping. Besides, we provide an innovative physiotherapy service, known as «Perfetti Method», in order to treat orthopaedic, muscular and neurological injuries. For chronic and severe pains, we have the support by a health unit specifically dedicated to pain treatment (Pain Unit).

For further information about this and other services we invite you to visit us in Corralejo main street: Avda Nuestra Señora del Carmen, 12. Or call us to +34 928 866 139. Clínica Principal Corralejo web.

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