Chez Leon, cuisine of the world with a french touch

    Restaurantes Fuerteventura: Chez Leon | Macaronesia

    Muriel and Pascal Landreau are the owners of Chez Leon, a restaurant of cuisine of the world that opened in Lajares one and a half year ago.

    They got to the island 4 years ago, attracted by the way of life in the island after having spent their holidays in The Canary Islands. Muriel and Pascal are French, and they used to work in the food sector in their country: she’s a food quality engineer and he’s a Food Technologist. Before arriving in Fuerteventura they were food advisors for small and big companies, supporting them when it came to elaborating dishes, launching new products, training…

    They cook a wide variety of dishes in their restaurant in Lajares every day, only made of fresh products, and their idea is to cook less traditional dishes than other local restaurants in the island. It’s all about an international and varied cuisine, healthy above all, not based on industrial, frozen or allergen products.

    There is a wide range of vegan and vegetarian dishes in their gastronomic offer, which they change every day, as well as their offer of meat and fish, everything prepared daily, to offer a great variety of different dishes.

    Although themed dishes change every week (Asiatic, Majorcan, Moroccan, European…) there are also some dishes they prepare daily, like their delicious potato and parmesan croquettes, or their home-made pork sausages, which they elaborate and grill. Also, their «au gratin» vegetables and their cannelloni with goat cheese, offered every day because people like them so much. Another of their specialities is their fresh roast chicken from Gran Canaria, highly recommended.

    In Summer they’ll offer a new dinner concept. It won’t be about choosing among the many dishes they have prepared along the day, but they will make freshly cook dishes.
    Another strong point of Chez Leon are their breakfasts, very different to what we can find in Lajares. They offer home-made sponge-cake, fresh fruit with yoghurt, sandwiches…
    Moreover, Chez León offers a catering service for different lodgings ( surf camps, apart-hotels…) and for events (seminars, weddings, birthdays…)

    And as good French people, we find a great wine variety of the south of France in their cellar and, of course, an excellent champaign.

    That is Chez Leon, a restaurant offering a wide range of dishes that vary every day and that you can eat in or have them taken to your home.

    St/ Coronel González del Hierro (main one in Lajares).
    +34 928 86 15 77 – 8-21:30 – Closed on Sunday
    Facebook, Instagram y Tripadvisor: Chez Leon

    Fuerteventura Restaurants: Chez Leon | MacaronesiaFuerteventura Restaurants: Chez Leon | Macaronesia