Arco Surf Café, probably, the best coffees in Fuerteventura

    One of the mythical bars in Lajares is El Arco, traditionally well known for its sandwiches. In 2013, this mythical bar becomes El Arco Surf Café, run by Michel Rozenwain.

    It has several strong points, among them their excellent coffee. And this is because Michel is a great lover of this infusion and, to make a difference to the rest of cafes in the area he decided to specialise in this product.

    So much so, that nowadays, In El Arco, we can enjoy probably one of the best coffees in the island, which Michel himself orders to different countries in the world: Costa Rica, Ethiopia or Indonesia. Its origin varies to offer different flavours, but the quality of the coffee is always guaranteed, bean by bean. This coffee of excellence, together with the great care when preparing each cup, are the secrets of El Arco to make their customers fall in love with their coffee. Michel says that «once you have tasted these coffees you don’t want any other else», so he also sells it in bulk, ground or as beans, for you to enjoy it at home.

    Nowadays, hamburgers are another strong point of El Arco. Michel has his own recipe to prepare the meat, totally home-made and elaborated, as far as possible, with local products; he also serves artisan bread. We find burgers for every taste, even for vegetarians. The last incorporation, Iberian meat, is highly recommendable.

    The policy of local products in El Arco allows them to offer a variety of salads that stand out too, with vegetables and cheese of Fuerteventura or The Canary Islands. Michel boasts of his salad with rocket from Lajares, very appreciated by his customers.
    And for beer lovers he offers, apart from the classical brands, artisan beer from Fuerteventura and Lanzarote.

    IZAKAYA Project
    Some months ago, Michel associated with Christopher Boseret (from Volcanic Foods Catering Co.), a Belgian cook, specialised in Japanese food among others, to offer the dinners of the IZAKAYA Project a weekend a month. «izakaya» is the equivalent to our well-known «tapas» bar, offering servings to share. So, in the Japanese nights of El Arco they offer much more than raw fish, that is, stewed meat, ribs of baby-beef meat, shrimp tempura, vegetarian, chicken makis… The next appointment with Izakaya Project will be on April 13th and 14th, Friday and Saturday night.

    Of course, we cannot forget praising the warm attention Michel and his partner always offer in this already mythical Surf Café from Lajares.

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