In my book «Una Cita Contigo», I mention an experiment conducted some time ago and involving two groups of dobermans.

The dogs of group 1 wore a collar that gave them electric shocks any time they tried to run after some animal instinctively.
The dogs of group 2 were left free to act with their natural instinct, so any time they wanted to run, they could.

What do you think it happened at the end?
They found out that the inhibited group was 50% more likely to develop cancer, tumors and other illnesses than group 2. Moreover, these dobermans developed a sadder and lonelier attitude and, as a consequence, they had a shorter life.

Why do I talk about this?
Simply because there is no much of a difference between us and dobermans. Unfortunately, many of us develop various illnesses and we always live searching what we do not have and we do not even know why.
If just like me, you have been through periods of dissatisfaction in your life, this may be the moment to ask yourself what values you have and if your life is in line with them.
To explain it better, I will give a personal example.
A few months ago, during the pre-campaign, some political party offered me the possibility to work with them and, no doubt, I felt flattered. When I got home and told my husband, he said:
«Elena, this is a great opportunity to help many people, but be careful, because maybe your present situation is not the idealest for such a responsibility».

This made me think and so I grabbed a pen and a sheet of paper and I started writing a list with all of my values:
1. Freedom (I always start with this value
2. Growth
3. Contribution
4. Peace
6. Spare time for writing
7. The possibility to go to Gran Canaria every month
8. Etc.

When I finished my list, I immediately realised that for the moment my husband was right, politics was not in line with my values. As you may see, it’s true that if I had decided to move the first steps in such a fascinating world, I would have had a great growth and I could have helped a lot. But would have I been at peace? This being the situation, I don’t think so. Tranquillity? Freedom? Spare time for me and my trips to Gran Canaria?
If you are in a point in your life where you feel bad and you don’t even know why, I strongly suggest that you do this exercise that may look simple, but it is very revealing.

A VALUABLE LIFE HAS VALUES! | Macaronesia Fuerteventura

Once you have your answers, you’d be able to see if you have to make some changes in your life to be a bit happier or if there’s the possibility to fulfil those values you are missing in some other way.
For any doubt or question you may have, do not hesitate to write to me at info@transcoaching.com. Start living a valuable life with values now!