La Spaghetteria Restaurant, Corralejo

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    Tasted Menu:
    — Mixed «Tapas»: island cold meat with goat cheese.
    — Pizza Margarita.
    — «Mar adentro» burger with bacon, egg and cheese.
    — Spaghetti «Carbonara», Italian style.
    — Tagliatelle with salmon.
    — «Rigatone»  Bolognese.
    — Lamb chops with tomato sauce.
    — Tiramisu, special «Mar Adentro» recipe.

    Within the complex Mar Adentro -located on the beach, with spectacular views to the islet of Lobos- we find this cosy restaurant called La Spaghetteria, where you can enjoy breakfast through to dinner, thanks to its uninterrupted opening hours from 8:30 to 23h.
    Early in the morning, they offer an English breakfast to start the day with lots of energy, and from 11 am, the kitchen is open so you can choose among the dishes in their menu.
    The cuisine of La Spaghetteria can be defined as Italian cuisine but with some touches of Argentine cuisine, since one of their chef is from there and, of course, with a representation of Spanish and Canarian cuisine.
    Their pastas, which give its name to the restaurant, are made Italian style, and among them you will find a wide variety of both pasta and sauces.
    But in La Spaghetteria you don’t only find spaghetti, but their menu is open to other suggestions and special dishes such as lamb racks, fried calamari, Neapolitan Milanese, spinach or meat cannelloni … and also fresh fish, as inside this resort they have a club where they practise, among other disciplines, sports fishing.
    La Spaghetteria also makes burgers, fries and pizza, which you can either eat in or take away to eat on the beach or at home.
    And if you prefer a romantic dinner, by the moonlight and with sea views, you can book your table in the pool area where you can enjoy your meals with spectacular views of the island of Lobos, and accompanied by a selection of Italian and Spanish wines or a delicious cocktail, from a varied menu, where you will find «mojitos», «caipirinhas» and «caipiroskas» of different flavours, most notably their speciality: «Mar adentro» cocktail.

    Tel : +34 692 548 943.
    Avenida Grandes Playas, n°83.
    Open every day.
    Kitchen opening hours: 11-23h.
    Facebook: Mar Adentro App Hotel

    Macaronesia Fuerteventura | Restaurants Corralejo
    Spaghetti «Carbonara», Italian style.


    Macaronesia Fuerteventura | Restaurants Corralejo
    Tiramisu, special «Mar Adentro» recipe.