3 key museums that pass down the essence of the island

    Museo de las Salinas del Carmen | Macaronesia Fuerteventura

    A stroll around the history of Fuerteventura

    Many visitors get to Fuerteventura attracted by its golden sand and turquoise water beaches, but most of them come back or even settle down hooked by the culture and essence of the island.

    To experience the island we must tour it all, enjoy it, feel it and pamper it, as Fuerteventura is full of treasures waiting to be found out and we must look after them so they keep being very important in the culture of this island of Fuerteventura. This is the main purpose of its three main museums: to approach the visitors and residents to such a special and captivating essence.

    Last May, the before called Salt Museum re-opened for visitors with a completeley renewed image and a new management. Now there is an exhibition that takes us back to the beginning of last century, to the house of Don Manuel Velázquez Cabrera, the last owner of these saltworks. In Salinas del Carmen Museum we’ll know everything about salt exploitation and the history of these saltworks, which has very special characteristics. The visitor will enjoy a completeley new itinerary through Don Manuel’s office, going though his studio and bedroom, ending up with a spectacular video-mapping. After this tour, the visitor can visit the outdoor area on their own and find out the breakwater, where the whole process of getting salt from high quality salt foam starts. As the saltworks have been operated again lately, the visitor will have the chance to know, first-hand, the tasks of the workers, even having the chance to carry them out in the programme « saltpan worker for a day».

    One of the most emblematic mills in the island is located in Antigua, where we can visit today El museo del Queso Majorero (majorero cheese museum), a must-see museum for all the lovers of the island gastronomy. In order to understand why this cheese is so special we must know how the characteristics of the island have afected its fauna and flora as well as its first inhabitants. The itinerary through this museum teaches us all the secrets about cheese production, the special characteristics of the goats and kids in the island and it even allows us to try our skills milking a goat. Moreover, in its enclosure we find an outstanding cacti garden, with endemic species coming from all over the world, like «the golden barrel cactus», together with unique species in the island like «El Cardón de Jandia» (Euphorbia handiensis), natural symbol of the island of Fuerteventura.

    If you want to learn more about the mills of Fuerteventura, the ideal place is El Centro de Interpretación del os Molinos, in Tiscamanita. Located in a human heritage site, it allows the visitors to wander through the different rooms in this majorera house, like the kitchen, the beautiful outdoor yard or even climbing up to the inside of the Euphorbia handiensis mill, to learn about how these giants worked, which at the beginning were very similar to those that Don Quixote met, but which adapted, little by little, to the characteristics of Fuerteventura. The total amount almost reached one thousand. Its importance is key when we realise that it’s essential to produce «gofio», a typical Canary Island Food that we can taste in this building.
    On special dates, The centre offers a demostration of how the mill works, a task carried out by a real miller, apart from showcasing the kneading of the traditional «gofio» in a pouch and offering visitors to taste a genuine product of this land.

    These three centres highlight the importance and value of the tradition of an island that has very much to offer. They are open every day all through the year (10 to 18h) and visiting them is a must for he who wants to find out a little more about Fuerteventura.

    3 key museums in Fuerteventura | Macaronesia Fuerteventura3 key museums in Fuerteventura | Macaronesia Fuerteventura3 key museums in Fuerteventura | Macaronesia Fuerteventura