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    Batik, muebles y decoración Corralejo | Macaronesia Fuerteventura

    It’s undeniable that Fuerteventura is taking off again in the real estate business, and because of this new projects have arisen, among them furniture and interior design stores that will help us achieve the house of our dreams.

    This is the case of Batik, an interior decoration store in Corralejo that opened some months ago with wonderful furniture and ideas.

    Batik is a beautiful project that comes up from the friendship of two traveller women who love objects made in faraway countries. They are Fabiana and Leticia, who decided to embark on a daring enterprise, introduce furniture and decorative pieces coming from other nooks of the world in one of the wildest islands in the Canary Archipelago: Fuerteventura.
    With the help of Leticia’s husband, a lover of art and handicraft culture, they leapt to make their dream come true, provide people with decorative elements from other cultures and countries, inspiring them to live a happier and more beautiful live in their homes.
    The furniture you can find in Batik vary from Javanese antique objects to the new industrial style wich is so trendy nowadays, going through the local handicraft in Bali, recycled pieces from old ships, ceramics, lamps… most of their goods come from Indonesia and Morocco. Besides, they offer the option of making customized pieces, based on the objects you can see in their store.
    BATIK is dedicated to to home decoration and also to create interesting, beautiful and practical spaces for local businesses.
    Their aim is to find original design objects from diverse cultures and origins, in order to offer an innovative and charismatic style.
    We invite you to visit their shop, assuring you that you will love it.

    One curiosity, the name of «Batik» makes reference to the most antique technique of drawing on fabric with handcrafted colour blocks, characteristic of Bali.

    BATIK Tamarindo Corralejo
    C/ Guifré 1, local 25. Urbanización Tamarindo. 928 85 41 37
    Facebook: BATIK Tamarindo Corralejo

    Batik, muebles y decoración Corralejo | Macaronesia FuerteventuraBatik, muebles y decoración Corralejo | Macaronesia FuerteventuraBatik, muebles y decoración Corralejo | Macaronesia Fuerteventura