Bahiazul Spa, an oasis of well-being

    In Corralejo, in the facilities of the well-known Bahíazul, we find this well-being sanctuary of oriental inspiration where everything, scents, light, decoration and even sounds take us to a world of sensations where we can recover the harmony between body, mind and soul. We’ll speak to Ola Zywicka, in charge of Bahiazul Spa, so she will explain in detail the well-being in their service charter.

    What is Bahiazul Spa like?
    It’s a haven of peace, an ideal place to chill out and cultivate body and mind.
    As for the facilities, where we take care of the very last detail, there are two areas: the treatment area and the Spa circuit.
    In the treatment area we have several massage and face and body treatment booths. It’s a space devoted to holistic rejuvenation, very relaxing and comfortable, where we find not just individual booths but also double ones for those couples who want to enjoy it together. They’re equipped and decorated respecting the oriental tradition.
    The Spa circuit is wonderful, it has sensation showers, Turkish baths, sauna, jacuzzi, foot bath with cold water and a relax retreat.

    What are the benefits offered by Bahíazul Spa?
    Relax, personalized attention and well-being. We have a wide range of services and a highly qualified team of therapists so each therapy become an unforgettable moment.
    What kind of services do you offer?
    We offer a great variety of massage and beauty treatments for body and face, and we use 100% natural products made of aromatic oils, herbs, salts, algae, spices… In our treatments we also use products made of natural resources from the archipelago, like aloe vera, volcanic stone, salt and malmsey.

    What treatment would you recommend us?
    Regarding facial treatments we offer anti-ageing and Vitamin C ones… all of them are recommendable depending on the needs of each skin, but there is one, our favourite, «WOMEN OR MEN’S REVITALISER»: it starts with a peeling, a facial cleansing follows, with a smooth massage, to end up with a spectacular massage with hot tweezers and everything with 100% natural products.
    Regarding body treatments, one of the favourite ones, most of all preferred by couples, is the HAMMAN face and body ritual, a black soap peeling: it relaxes the skin and muscles with hamman heat, and it ends up with a moisturising massage and a face mask. Off the service charter we introduce some new massage every month, such as the DETOX ALGAE, a peeling with salt from the Dead Sea, a mask of mud and natural almond oil.

    What makes this Spa different from others?
    Apart from the great variety of treatments and the professionalism and warmth of our therapists, the big difference is made by the private Spa circuit, that is, for just 15€ per person (an hour) you have the Spa just for you and your companions.


    Calle Pardelas, 7. Corralejo. 928 854 598
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